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​ ​Autonomous driving vehicle development platform RoboCar MiniVan​ ​

Autonomous Driving support service using RoboCar MiniVan

We will provide ZMP with the RoboCar MiniVan and IZAC as our support service utilizing ZMP products and services to our customers the know-how of Autonomous Driving accumulated so far.
[Examples of utilization services]

Autonomous Driving Demonstration Experiment Support of Autonomous Driving Service Utilizing the System. In recent years, technology development of Autonomous Driving has progressed and recently from basic research and development of Autonomous Driving, transportation of people and goods Verification for practical application such as service is getting popular. Therefore, at ZMP, utilizing RoboCar MiniVan, IZAC, sensors and other achievements of Autonomous Driving public road tests, we will help customers to verify actual machines for use service business of Autonomous Driving.

【Needs for Autonomous Driving utilization experiment】

Introduction of Autonomous Driving taxis in depopulated areas of rural areas

· Autonomous Driving taxi as residents' feet after returning to the nuclear power plant evacuation area

· Activation by Autonomous Driving utilization service in New Town

· Utilization of Autonomous Driving as a mobile facility within a leisure facility

· Utilization of Autonomous Driving car (taxi) as value improvement of luxury residential area

In recent years, demonstration experiments as an initial phase toward realization of these have been actively carried out.

[Contents of ZMP's support]

(1) Autonomous Driving Experiment Vehicle and system provision

We will introduce RoboCar MiniVan, which has achieved achievements in Aichi Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, and Tokyo (Bunkyo Ward, Odaiba etc.), and IZAC Autonomous Driving development software and additional development according to service scenario.

(2) Support for application to the administration

We support local governments, police applications and explanations to local residents according to guidelines for Autonomous Driving experiments.

(The subject of the application / explanation will be the customer)

(3) Risk assessment

We support the technical and operational risks in conducting experiments and the specific countermeasures against them.

(4) Technical support and operation system

We provide technical support system of experiment system, operation system of service experiment including safety driver and safety management.

On the operational side, ZEG Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by ZMP and Hertz United Group jointly in 2015, is in charge and will fully support the experiment.

   自動運転を活用したサービス実証実験支援   2,000万円~(税別) ※実験車両の購入費は含みません。

【Case of demonstration experiment】
  シンギュラリティ大学様 ホテル~会場へのタクシー実験(ニュースリリース)
  グランドニッコー東京台場 ~ 日本科学未来館までのおよそ1.5kmをRoboCar MiniVanをベースとした自動運転実験車両で走行し、
Experimental run of a shuttle car using the Autonomous Driving function at the event of the US Singular University in September 2017

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