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Next Generation Mobility - EV Development Platform RoboCar® MV 2


The RoboCar® MV2 is based on the "COMS", an ultra-compact electric vehicle manufactured by Toyota Auto Body. This is an experimental ultra-compact electric vehicle that can control steering, accelerator and brake by computer.
A library that can control vehicle speed, brakes, steering wheel operations, etc. is available, so users can smoothly research and develop applications such as obstacle avoidance, Autonomous Driving, and remote control.
It is used for research and development of driving support technology and preventive safety technology, and evaluation of in-house products and technology at research institutions such as automobile and parts manufacturers and universities.


· Control of steering, accelerator and brake
· User program can be executed by ZMP proprietary controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode
RoboCar® MV2 system configuration
Passenger Capacity 1 person
Load weight About 30 [kg]
Size About 2.4 × 1.1 × 1.5 [m]
Vehicle weight About 410 [kg]
Drive system 1 Rear wheel drive with motor differential
Front suspension McPherson type coil spring
Rear suspension Rear end arrangement torsion beam type coil spring
Brake actuation method Front wheel hydraulic disc / rear wheel hydraulic drum
Maximum output 5 [kw]
Maximum torque 250 [N · m]
Maximum speed 60 [km / h]
Power supply Lead storage battery
Charger Plug-in charge / AC 100 [V]
Charge mileage About 50 [km]
Standard charge time About 6 hours
Communication Wireless LAN
Communication standard CAN
Vehicle Two-seater (tandem)
Sensor Millimeter wave radar, IMU, GPS etc.
Power supply Lithium-ion battery
User interface

Application development for iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows Mobile

Communication 3G, Wimax
Measuring equipment Experimental operation PC
Appearance Painting, logo


· For research and development of the means of movement of the elderly and short-distance moving vehicles
· Research and development of driving support technology and preventive safety technology
· To evaluate own products and technologies on actual vehicles
· For testing of services and applications that link cars and IT



Installation result

What is a micro electric vehicle (micro EV)?

An ultra-compact electric car is a single-seat four-wheeled motor bike that is classified as a minicar (Road Transport Vehicle Law) and can be operated with a license for a normal car.

What is a minicar
A three-wheeled or more regular vehicle with a cabin that has a total length of 2.5 m or less, a total width of 1.3 m or less, a total height of 2.0 m or less, a total displacement of more than 20cc and less than 50cc, or a rated output exceeding 0.25kW and less than 0.6kW. Under the Road Traffic Law, the maximum legal speed is 60km/h because it is handled as an ordinary car. Under the Road Transport Vehicle Law, it is a moped, and the liability insurance is treated as a moped and there is no vehicle inspection. No garage certificate is required for registration.

Component Image

· Control indicator lamp
The lamp lights according to the control​ ​
​ ​dashboard to understand the control status
· Touch panel compatible extension monitor
Easily install a tablet monitor next to the
​ ​dashboard to understand the control status
· Mode switching Onboard switch
The transition button from program mode
​ ​to manual mode is installed on the
​ ​dashboard. A smoother control switching is realized
· Delivery box compatible
A delivery box specification (590x875x965[mm])​ ​
vehicle that can be equipped with an
Can be loaded up to 30kg
· RoboCar® MV2 Control PC & SDK
Compatible with Ubuntu16 Qt sample application using
​ ​communication library and development program can be easily
​ ​linked with the vehicle

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