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RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB コネクション


With the MATLAB / Simulink program, you can design a route from the current position of RoboCar 1/10 to any position and orientation.
For example, in the case of research and development of autonomous driving such as automatic parking, lane change, obstacle avoidance, etc., a route that is optimal (smooth steering operation and little lateral G) according to the position and orientation of the target is calculated and the two-wheel vehicle model is used estimate the steering angle with MATLAB / Simulink.​ ​
Simulation on MATLAB / Simulink can be performed based on this steering angle, comparison between the planned route and simulation result.
Route control based on that difference becomes possible because the same MATLAB / Simulink program allows operation of real machine of RoboCar 1/10,
Simulation and experiments using sensor data in real environments can be performed efficiently.

* MATLAB connection option does not correspond to RealTime Workshop.

■ Features
· Calculate the optimum route from the current position to any position and direction (smooth steering operation and few sideways)
· Operation of Robocar 1/10 and various data can be acquired by MATLAB / Simulink block
· Real-time simulation and control with MATLAB / Simulink only (no RealTimeWorkshop required)
· Provide RoboCar 1/10 vehicle model for simulation
· Provide a sample program that can be used for experiments immediately


Route design

Design the route to an arbitrary position and direction, estimate the steering angle by the two-wheel vehicle model, and run simulation and actual machine.
It is possible to check the path of the design, simulation results, and locus of RoboCar 1/10.
Route design image design route and simulation result
Comparison of RoboCar 1/10 trajectories

RoboCar simulation

The trajectory of the simulation result obtained from the steering angle and speed input values ​​and the actual steering angle of RoboCar 1/10,
The locus of travel by speed is displayed superimposed on the graph.

RoboCar controller (1)

This application is capable of real-time operation of RoboCar 1/10 with MATLAB.
Control of steering angle and speed and obstacle avoidance operation by infrared ranging sensor are possible.

RoboCar controller (2)

In addition to the function of "RoboCar controller (1)", measurement values ​​of infrared ranging sensor, gyro sensor and acceleration sensor can be displayed in real time.

Laser range sensor

Update and display the value of the laser range sensor (option) installed in RoboCar in 100 ms.
In addition to the display on the horizontal plane, the distance to the obstacle is graphed and displayed.

Tracking Demo

You can record the trajectory of RoboCar 1/10 remotely and perform autonomous driving.
(Left figure: Laser range sensor display / Medium figure: Gyro / acceleration sensor display / right figure: infrared distance sensor display)

Specifications, operating environment

Data transmission / reception
· Speed ​​command value, steering angle
· Motor speed, gyroscope, acceleration, infrared range sensor, laser range sensor
· Provide connection / setting function as MATLAB function
· Data link provided by Simulink block (s-function)
· Real-time simulation and control from Simulink possible
· Data transmission / reception cycle is 10 [msec]

Operating System
PC: OS / Windows 8, 10
Software: MATLAB / Simulink 2017


※ Individuals can also purchase.
■RoboCar 1/10 前後LRFオプション + MATLABコネクション
一般 126.5万円(税別) / アカデミック 114.5万円(税別)
 (RoboCar 1/10 前後LRFオプションと、MATLABコネクションのセットです。)

■RoboCar 1/10 MATLABコネクション​ ​200,000 JPY (excluding tax)
 ※すでにRoboCar 1/10 をお持ちの方向け。
※ MATLAB / Simulink is not included in the above price.

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