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RoboCar® 1/10 Remote Operation Package


It is a packaged product that enables remote control with a driving controller by installing a camera and laser range sensor in front of and behind RoboCar® 1/10.

RoboCar 1/10 is equipped with a monocular camera, an infrared sensor and a laser range sensor as an external sensor on a 1/10 scale car of a car,
Acceleration · It is possible to grasp the behavior and mileage of the vehicle by gyro sensor and encoder. In addition, libraries such as acquisition of various sensor information, speed / steering angle control, communication, etc. are prepared. It is possible for customers to freely develop applications using these.

The remote operation package is based on RoboCar 1/10, with a dedicated PC, a Wi - Fi router, and a driving controller set,
By installing the camera and laser range sensor in the front and rear of the main unit, you can check the condition around the vehicle.
This product can be used for research and development of remote operation assisted driving support system assuming unmanned operation, remote operation system considering communication delay, remote control of robot etc.

* The content of display depends on application contents, resolution of acquired image, sampling rate, communication environment.

【Main application】
· Research and development of remote control operation support system
· Research and development of remote operation system considering communication delay
· Research and development of a mechanism to notify information on the infrastructure side to the remote operation system





RoboCar 1/10 product page


Classification Item Specifications
Body Length x Width x Height / Weight 190mm×429mm×150mm, 2.2 [kg] (excluding battery, option)
Maximum load weight About 1.0 [kg]
Minimum turning radius About 500 [mm]
Maximum speed About 10 [km/h]
Chassis frame Carbon FRP Chassis, Double Wishbone Suspension, ZMP Aluminum Frame
Motor For drive: Small DC motor / For steering: Servomotor for robot
Battery Control unit battery (option): AA Ni-MH battery (× 12)
Driver part battery: NiMH battery pack (7.2 [V], × 1)
External sensor Monocular USB camera × 1: 640 × 480 [pix], 30 [fps], 128 [deg]
Infrared distance measuring sensor × 8: Detection distance 100 to 800 [mm]
Laser range sensor (optional, 2 front and rear installable): Detection distance 60 ~ 4000 [mm], -120 to 120 [deg]
Inner Sensor Gyro (1 axis), acceleration (3 axis), rotary encoder (wheel × 4, motor × 1, steering × 1)
CPU Intel Celeron Quad Core 1.83 [GHz]
Wifi IEEE 802.11b / g / n / ac WEP / WPA
Software on the main unit side OS Linux (Ubuntu 14.04+ real-time patch)
Sample program Development language: C++ Function: vehicle control, acquisition of sensor information, LAN communication, obstacle avoidance by LRF,
Data storage, remote control interface
PC side software Operating System Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (Development environment: Visual Studio 2010 or later C#, Express acceptable)
※ Sensor Detection Distance, angle, etc., are measured by the sensor alone.
※ Product images / specifications are under development and subject to change without notice.


RoboCar 1/10 遠隔操作パッケージ(1カメラタイプ:フロントカメラのみ)

価格:一般 133万円/アカデミック 121万円

◇構成品 ・RoboCar 1/10 前後レーザレンジセンサセット

     ・RoboCar 1/10 遠隔操作パッケージ

RoboCar 1/10 遠隔操作パッケージ(2カメラタイプ:フロント・リアカメラ)

価格:一般 138万円/アカデミック 126万円

◇構成品 ・RoboCar 1/10 前後レーザレンジセンサセット

     ・RoboCar 1/10 遠隔操作パッケージ

     ・Camera Assembly (追加リアカメラ)


Optional Product

· Battery set (information system): 1.98 million yen (excluding tax)
· Annual maintenance: 8.58 million yen (excluding tax)
・QAサポート:一般 8万円(税別)/アカデミック 6.8万円(税別)
· Course at delivery: 144,000 yen

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