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RoboCar ® is a vehicle platform for developing autonomous operation that can run, bend, stop, etc., by program control.

ZMP started selling RoboCar ® 1/10 which is 1/10 size of passenger cars in 2009 and since then has been selling RoboCar series products of the actual car type as a platform for autonomous driving vehicles.

RoboCar® Series Lineup

The RoboCar series of autonomous operation development platforms that we have sold as ADAS / autonomous operation development tools have been developed in various lineups according to purpose of use.

As its lineup, RoboCar 1/10 is capable of running experiments indoors. RoboCar MV 2 is based on a single-seat electric vehicle where RoboCar MiniVan possess improved loadability of people and equipment and also we began the sale of RoboCar SUV with improved running performance and luxurious feeling.In addition, we are also developing the next-generation model of small electric bus type RoboCar EV-miniBUS, minivan type specialized for people's transportation.

Depending on the customer's application, you can choose a variety of base vehicles for autonomous driving.
For lineup and details, please see below.

Coming Soon ... (currently under development)

Application​ ​

ZMP develops a control program that becomes important for autonomous operation and sells it as autonomous operation software IZAC.By applying the control algorithm of IZAC to various vehicles (mobile bodies / robots) we can also automate your vehicle.

IZAC is a software platform for Autonomous Driving connecting the sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC and making it recognize to make it possible to control every machine by making judgments and controlling it through the control components of IZAC. Through IZAC, you can do all the cognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine.
If you would like to modify or customize using autonomous operation control please contact us.

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