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Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCar® series

RoboCar MinVan
RoboCar MV 2
RoboCar 1/10

RoboCar® Series Outline

Story up to Autonomous Development
ZMP Corporation is a pioneer of autonomous driving technology development platform for cars.
We combine robot technology and automobile technology and contribute to safety, environment and labor saving of next-generation mobility.

2004: As robot specialized company , we ZMP began selling nuvo , a biped robot for home use.
2007:Began selling miuro,motorcycle autonomous mobile music robot. miuro includes sensing technology such as radar, camera and gyroscope.
2009: Same size as miuro,successful automatic operation with 1/10 size RoboCar ® 1/10 of passenger cars,

PINO, 2001
nuvo, 2004
miuro, 2007
RoboCar, 2009
2011: With the development of autonomous driving technology development platform,
    人が搭乗して走行可能な、一人乗り EV トヨタ コムスをベース車両とした RoboCar ® MVを販売開始。
2012: In addition, we sell RoboCar ® HV with passenger car Toyota Prius as the base vehicle.
Even then, the automation level 4 (※ fully automated operation defined by the Japanese government in 2020 and the Road Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) of the US Department of Transportation, * All of the acceleration, steering and braking are performed by drivers, drivers are involved. We will continue to develop autonomous operation control at our company aiming to run in a state that does not do so and entrust safety operation and surrounding monitoring all to the system and outside.
Starting demonstration experiment of autonomous driving in public road since 2014. As an important step towards demonstration experiments by level 4, we conduct running tests in urban areas with high traffic volume in Tokyo.
From 2018 to 2019, we extend the level 4 demonstration area and aim to start autonomous operation service in 2020.

In ZMP, while drawing the "society in which autonomous operation has been put to practical use in the future" toward realization of autonomous driving taxi service in 2020.
We are working on the development of autonomous driving technology, taxi dispatch application and so on.
In addition, we are engaged in business development through service development,through our own autonomous driving control development and applying technology developed through technological development to products, which enables us to use it as a development tool for ADAS / autonomous operation.

RoboCar MiniVan public road experiment support package

 その中でもRoboCar MiniVanは、現在提供している最新の自動運転開発プラットフォームとして市販ハイブリッドミニバン トヨタエスティマハイブリッドをベース車両とし、車載ネットワークCAN(Control Area Network)を介してベース車両に搭載されているセンサ情報を取得でき、かつZMP独自のコントローラによって制御可能な研究開発向けの実験プラットフォーム車両です。
In addition, we are releasing the "RoboCar MiniVan Highway Experiment Support Package" for customers who are considering experiments on mobility services on public roads as a new service. This package integrates sensor data that senses the surroundings to RoboCar® MiniVan, an autonomous driving technology development platform based on a commercial vehicle hybrid minivan. There is also a service that allows you to run a designated course by using an experimental vehicle that performs autonomous driving.
We are ready to meet any kind of request by utilizing autonomous moving, automatic driving technique.

RoboCar® Series Lineup

Autonomous technology development platform RoboCar series develops in various line-up according to purpose of use.
Utilizing autonomous driving technology
Customization support
Supports technical customization support and demonstration experiment using autonomous driving technology
Minivan Type Robocar
RoboCar MiniVan
Commercially available hybrid minivan based autonomous driving vehicle development platform
One-seater electric vehicle type
RoboCar MV 2
Single-seat electric vehicle base autonomous driving development platform
RC car size robot car
 RoboCar 1/10
Program controllable platform of radio control car type

RoboCar® series video

ZMP creates the concept of a new social system called `HOTARU(Fire Fly)` in 2014. Currently, we are pursuing technology development and demonstration experiment aiming at realization of unmanned automatic traveling taxi "Automatic Taxi" in 2020, such as development of automatic driving control technology development and service model.
Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in July 2017
Location:Public roads in ODAIBA,Tokyo
Copyright control by ZMP Inc.
Autonomous DrivingTranslate​ ​Demonstration at Odaiba public road video
In ZMP, we are conducting a public highway driving experiment from January 2017 using RoboCar MiniVan, an autonomous driving vehicle development platform.
Today, for the realization of autonomous driving taxi service, it is also the area of ​​the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the traffic volume is very high
We use the traffic environment of Odaiba to conduct driving tests including development and verification of functions such as lane change and intersection right / left turn.

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