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RoboCar® platform (vehicle type in question)

RoboCar® platform (vehicle type in question) Overview · Features

With ZMP, it is also possible to convert vehicles other than Toyota Prius / Estima into robot cars.
Various sensors and control controllers are installed in the desired car such as Nissan car, Honda car, Subaru car, Mazda car, Mitsubishi Motors, etc. We manufacture it as experimental vehicle for research and development of ADAS (advanced driving support) and automatic driving technology I will.
<Example of mounted sensors and measuring instruments>
· 3D / 2D laser sensor
· Stereo camera
· Millimeter-wave radar
· IMU (Acceleration · Gyro · Geomagnetic)
·Data logger
· In-vehicle data transceiver
· High capacity battery system
(It is recommended for actual vehicle experiments equipped with high power PC for high power consumption and omnidirectional laser scanner etc.)
Automated driving vehicle development platform based on a commercially available hybrid minivan Vehicle RoboCar MiniVan is here.

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