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RoboTest® solution

Under RoboTest® solution, ZMP will handle various tasks related to driving test & acquisition of driving data.

While the development of "ADAS technology" and "Autonomous Driving technology" is progressing rapidly, the evolution of automobiles has received a lot of attention worldwide. The process common to all technologies during the process is "driving test".

RoboTest® collects and analyzes photographed images in the real world including public roads related to Autonomous Driving technology/ADAS (advanced driving support system) and driving data. It is a service that can outsource the driving test at the public roads and test facilities required for developing the ADAS related system, the collection of driving data and the construction of the data collection system.

Driving data acquisition solution “RoboTest® ”

As a feature of the service, utilize the engineering skills of ZMP, planning experiments, examining specifications, arranging and installing equipment, arranging vehicles, collecting driving data, Data management and data post processing can be entrusted to the data requirement specifications received from customers in bulk by business contract. Please see below for details.
Driving data acquisition solution RoboTest
RoboTest®​ ​
Supports system construction & measurement of driving data

Test vehicle for data acquisition "RoboTest Car"

In addition to the conventional data measurement system RoboDataLogger, "Robo Test Car" can handle one-stop from vehicle procurement to installation of various sensors, enabling data measurement from the day of delivery. See below for details.
RoboTest Car
​ ​
One-stop service from vehicle procurement to installation of various sensors

Customizable logger "Robo Data Logger"

We also sell logger systems used on the car.

Logging application is also included in the measurement, it is a logger that can measure multiple data simultaneously with just one click.

In addition, it is also possible to customize according to the number of sensors used, the type and the data format requirements for each customer.
Robo Data Logger
A logger that can simultaneously measure multiple sensors and camera images on the vehicle


本データセットは、これまで走行データ取得ソリューション RoboTest®が提供してきた数々のサービスノウハウを詰め込み、カメラ、LiDAR、GPS、IMU、車両CANなど複数データを同期して取得したデータセットです。

Data Analysis Platform Service "Robo Data Platform"

RoboTest® a new service of the data measurement service were users can freely apply data learning such as deep learning to machine learning, object recognition processing, tagging by scene from sensor information, emotional analysis of the driver, etc. It provides a data post-processing service environment that can analyze data.
Analysis Platform Service RDP (Robo Data Platform)
RDP (Robo Data Platform)
Provide an environment for arbitrary analysis and analysis of measurement data