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Test vehicle for data acquisition RoboTestⓇ Car


RoboTestⓇ Car is a data acquisition test vehicle as a new service of RoboTest, the data acquisition solution.
Test vehicle for data acquisition "RoboTestⓇ Car"
In addition to the conventional data measurement system RoboDataLogger, ZMP's "RoboTestⓇ Car", which is available for sale, offers one-stop support from vehicle procurement to installation of various sensors, enabling data measurement from the day of delivery.​ ​

By using this product, the originally required development man-hours can be significantly reduced and R&D can be accelerated.

RoboTestⓇ Car service

All steps required to build up a test vehicle for data measurement (see below) will be supported by ZMP in one stop.
In addition, we can support actual driving tests, including driver assignment and driving management.

RoboTestⓇ Car service overall process and specific support contents
In addition to using the sensors provided by ZMP that have mentioned above, it is also possible to use the sensors which are owned by the customers.​ ​

Please feel free to contact us to discuss about the sensors to measure and the type of measurement vehicle you would require.

Customizable measurement system & measurement environment

RoboTestⓇ Car is a fully customizable measurement service. For example: measurement base vehicle, selection of various sensors, mounting method, manufacture of in-vehicle rack, addition of in-vehicle 100V power supply, vehicle CAN acquisition/analysis/conversion can be supported.

By using RoboTest as a Vehicle data measurement service, you can not only set up the vehicle but also measure the actual data and deliver the measured data.

Customizable items (example)

Measurement-based vehicle
In-vehicle rack & power supply
Measurement sensor
CAN acquisition/measurement/conversion

Price Information

Please contact ZMP for the price details of RoboTest Car.
* Price can be adjusted according to the specifications of the vehicle, the sensors installed, the measurement system, etc., and the customer's request.

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