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Overseas public road running data acquisition support service

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Outline of overseas public road data acquisition support service

Public road running data acquisition support service a new service of RoboTest, we will expand over the travelable area to overseas and respond to customer requests. We also offer complicated work and procedures, such as surveying overseas traffic laws and regulations, transporting the constructed data acquisition system to overseas, arranging vehicles and drivers overseas, etc., on a one-stop basis.

Since 2012, ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services when driving on public roads, taking advantage of its own experience in Autonomous Driving technology development and testing. In addition to collecting and managing drivers necessary for driving, upstream processes such as designing and building systems (loggers) required for driving data acquisition, vehicle arrangements, and necessary installation / modification is done. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of customers by implementing it all at once.

We have established ZEG Inc. with DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. in 2015 which manages running data collection operations on public roads and in cooperation with ZEG, it is possible to respond to customer needs more broadly and flexibly in overseas development.

Price estimate for 1 vehicle, 10 drivers, 2 week driving test is 12 million JPY (excluding tax)
* Prices will be estimated after confirming the requirements.

【Acquiring running data experience in overseas】
【Achievement example ①】
Purpose: Collect data on European running performance using ADAS equipment
Vehicle: Rental car
Driver: 10 local drivers
Location: 38 European countries
Total mileage: Approximately 120,000 kilometers
Period of implementation: about 6 months

【Achievement example ②】
Purpose: Collecting behavior data of driver during driving
Vehicle: Customer provided
Driver: 30 local drivers
Movement Location: North American West Coast General Road and Freeway
Total mileage: Approximately 5000 kilometers
Period of implementation: about 3 months

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RoboTest, Data acquisition overseas
1 x vehicle, 10 x driver, 2 weeks driving period: 10 million JPY (excluding tax)​ ​
※ Prices will be estimated after confirming the requirements.

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