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Experimental driving service combining actual vehicle and drive simulator "RoboTest® VR +"

Left: Examples of measuring vehicles used in RoboTest® Right: Forum 8 Drive Simulator

Overview​ ​

We launched a new service "RoboTest® VR +" of the vehicle test drive service "RoboTest®".

In this service, we use the drive simulator technology of FORUM8 Co., Ltd. to provide a service that enables driving under dangerous environments that are difficult to realize on public roads and also we offer a service that also enables driving tests when the driver is tired.

Vehicle test service "RoboTest®" on public road was mainly done by car / auto parts manufacturers, university research institutes etc. Consultations of data collection under dangerous environment other than normal driving increased among companies and organizations. In "RoboTest® VR +", driving test which is difficult to carry out on public roads such as driving while dozing, physical fatigue, long running etc., can be realized in the simulator.

In "RoboTest® VR +" it is also possible to reproduce the actual public road course with a simulator. For example, it is possible to carry out a daytime driving experiment with a real vehicle and a driving comparison experiment by a simulator were the driver is drunken at night. In addition, since the driving simulator can freely create the driving environment on the monitor, it is possible to reproduce the course of the special environment, create an environment with poor visibility, etc., and test it. There is also the advantage that the driving test can be carried out according to the schedule regardless of the weather and road conditions.

Price is 6 million JPY (excluding tax) for running test with five drivers for 10 days. We will propose the experiment contents according to the customer's request.

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RoboTest VR +
Running test, 5 drivers for 10 days Over 6 million JPY (excluding tax)​ ​
We will adjust the contents of experiments according to customer's needs, such as changing the number of test subjects, number of vehicles, number of times of running, adding measurement items, accumulating data in the cloud system, using the vehicles owned by the user. Please contact us for details.

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