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Deep learning for research and development of public road traveling data set creation and sales service


This service creates and sells annotation data that has been labeled, which can be used as a learning data set for deep learning as a menu of RoboTest service for running data acquisition solution.
An example of annotation data
Left figure: Bounding box method with object enclosed in rectangle
Right figure: Semantec segmentation method in which objects are painted in pixel units

As the revitalization of the ADAS market and the development of Autonomous Driving technology are progressing, attempts to increase the recognition accuracy of travelable areas, preceding vehicles, surrounding vehicles, pedestrians, signals, signs, white lines, etc. utilizing deep learning are prosperous It is being studied to. In image deep learning, it is necessary to accurately label objects in the image and road areas as learning data.

For annotation data to be sold, we carry out various labeling as data sets for learning on the data we acquired through public road driving.

Utilizing these data enables customers to check data at the initial stage of R & D such as deep learning. It is also easy to obtain and use it as a sample for creating your own annotation rules.

Thanks to the provision of data service, we will support customers' acceleration of R & D by originally providing customers with equipment preparation necessary for data creation, data acquisition by running, annotation processing and so on.

Data set sample image

The data set to be sold will be traveling data labeled images traveling various routes in the city. Traveling scenes include urban areas and expressways and are running not only straight but also at lane changes and intersections.
Image after labeling in traveling scene
Label are of 12 types such as road surface, car, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, signs, signals etc.
Data set creation service based on annotation rules according to customer's request can also be handled.
Annotated Dataset
Incidentally,Mobility Data Acquisition Solution RoboTest® not only acquires original traveling image data but also acquires traveling data together with vehicle information and creates datasets based on the customer's annotation rules.
Here we introduce the service menu of the running data acquisition solution.
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