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Public road running data acquisition support service using bus

Outline and features of public road data acquisition support service of buses

As a new service of the vehicle test drive service "RoboTest", we started public road travel data acquisition support service using bus.

In this service, in addition to the contents of the running data acquisition service up to the present, data collection and evaluation on buses and bus drivers that are difficult to arrange are based on the knowledge acquired through actual bus data collection and running data acquisition for passenger cars. We will start accepting orders as a new service menu.

Since 2012, ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services when driving on public roads, taking advantage of its own experience in autonomous driving technology development and testing. Upstream processes such as design and construction of a system (logger) necessary for running data acquisition as well as collecting and managing drivers necessary for running, arrangement of vehicles and necessary installation and remodeling, and data processing after acquisition. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of customers by implementing it all at once.

As a new service, we will arrange for bus vehicles and drivers, which are usually difficult to rent, and arrange for public roads and test courses to conduct driving evaluations.

【Bus running data acquisition service menu】

Arranging bus (small, medium, large)
Arranging a bus driver
Design and arrange data acquisition course (public road, test course reservation etc.)
Acquire biological data of driver (electrocardiogram measurement, electroencephalogram measurement, gaze measurement, fatigue measurement, etc.)
Vehicle information on bus (Investigation is required by bus)
Logger design and implementation for various data acquisition
Test operation management
Post processing of acquired data
Reporting of acquisition results

RoboTest Other service menu


Estimate for data acquisition by RoboTest bus
Bus x 1, Bus driver x 4, Test Course for 2 day is over 6 million yen (excluding tax)

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