Running data collection service on highway for ADAS development


We started driving data collection service on highway for ADAS development. For ADAS development it is necessary to carry out running tests and verify data of new functions and new sensors and collect data of all driving routes. In this service, based on the route maps of highways of the country, we will respond to experiment plan, system development, vehicle and driver arrangement, running data collection, processing, analysis and reporting.

This service has the following features.

・We have developed a database of lanes, junctions / branches, entrances, expressways and toll roads, etc. so detailed​ ​
・With the above database and the knowledge of data collection so far, it is possible to respond precisely from travel planning
・Continuously from planning to running and data processing, you can greatly reduce your time and effort.
・Since our standard measurement system can be used, there is no need to purchase equipment or capitalize the customer.
・By linking with our affiliated company ZEG, we can expect total travel volume expansion such as large-scale data​ ​

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※ The price will be an individual quote after confirming the requirements.

(Reference example) Acquisition of running data on RoboTest expressway
 車両×1台、ドライバー×10名、走行期間2週間  600万円(仮)~(税別)

About running data acquisition solution "RoboTest"

"RoboTest®", a public road driving data acquisition solution provided by ZMP is a service that provides support from the planning phase of public road driving data acquisition for customers to data analysis.​ ​
Process of public road data acquisition support service

Running data acquisition solution RoboTest

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