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Data Analysis and Analysis Platform RDP (Robo Data Platform)

ZMP provides a new service of the data measurement service RoboTest, users can freely apply data learning such as deep learning to machine learning, object recognition processing, tagging by scene from sensor information, emotional analysis of the driver, etc. It provides a data post-processing service environment that can analyze data.

About RDP (Robo Data Platform)


You can get the output you want to obtain through the application with the image below.
Image utilization of Robo data platform

Features of RDP (Robo Data Platform)


1. Analysis using application
Simply input the measured data as an input to the application provided in the platform, and output the analysis result.

Used image utilizing application
2. Analyzing applications in cooperation
More meaningful data can be analyzed by pouring the processing result of the application into the application of the subsequent stage. With RDP, you can easily link data by defining the connection between applications.
Used image utilizing application cooperation
3. Add User Application
With RDP, you can publish API for creating additional applications, create your own application, and use it for data processing. In addition, it can also share applications, share applications with other groups in the company, and efficiently use the data analysis environment.
Used image utilizing original application

Basic application of RDP

Currently, the following types of applications are being prepared as basic applications. You can check the image of the application on the following video.
(* The screen is under development and there is a possibility to change.)
1. RoboViz An easy-to-see application that displays multiple types of data on one screen
2.RoboTag  運転情報から自動でシーン分類するアプリケーション  
3. RoboSee application to automatically annotate vehicles, pedestrians, signals etc

Benefits of utilizing RDP

Customer benefit through RDP (Robo Data Platform)


You experience the above benefits from our service.

ZMP currently accepts free license registration for the provision of beta version of RDP (Robo Data Platform).
You can register for it from the below link.

Beta Free license registration form

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