Robo Data Platform Beta Free License Registration Form

About Robo Data Platform

This service was developed as a new menu of RoboTest®, a driving data acquisition solution provided by ZMP. In this platform, in addition to basic applications provided by ZMP to analyze data, users themselves can register applications and get outputs by linking these multiple applications.
In this service, a visualization application that displays the data you have, such as video, vehicle operation data, GPS and IMU data at the same time (left figure), automatically goes straight from the operation state of the vehicle.Applications that make scene division such as right turn and left turn, and applications that annotate such as labeling automatically to images, we provide applications for effectively utilizing acquired data.
We are currently planning to provide a free license for beta version to customers,in order to use this service do register using the below provided Beta Free license registration form.
Fill the below form with all necessary information.

Beta Free license registration form