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RoboVision 2 SSD package


RoboVision 2 SSD package system exterior

This product is a set of stereo camera RoboVision 2s, portable SSD, latest software development environment compatible with long time high resolution image storage.


. Image measurement can be performed after specifying the image size and frame rate to be measured with the stereo camera.

·By making the storage destination a large capacity SSD continuous measurement for 4 hours is possible. Moreover, by using multiple SSDs, longer time measurement is possible.

· RoboVision 2s supports simultaneous measurement up to 2 units.


· In addition to standard measurement images, measurement of WDR (wide dynamic range) image and measurement with Quad-VGA, VGA and image size specified can be performed.

· In the included sample program, you can easily set the image measurement by entering a command from the command line.

· Since USB capacity large portable SSD is used as a storage medium, for example PC , Camera settings remain unchanged.


· By using object detection option, image data acquired with this package can be input and processing such as obstacle detection becomes possible.


【Product website】Stereo camera RoboVision2s


Camera module Image sensor Sony 1/3 type effective 127 thousand pixels
CMOS image sensor IMX 224 × 2

1280 × 960 pixels (30 fps), 640 × 480 pixels (120 fps)

Horizontal view angle


Interface USB 3.0
Baseline length 210 mm

Synchronization, distortion correction, stereo collimation, wide dynamic range, etc.

Software development environment (SDK) Library

Camera I / F, parallax image generation, logging (*)

Application RAW output, distortion correction result output, parallax image output
Operating System Linux / Windows 8.1
※ Product images and specifications are under development and subject to change without notice. The resolution and frame rate depend on the specifications of the PC.

* Software development environment logging function overview
Resolution / Frame rate: Quad-VGA (1280 x 960) / 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30 (fps), VGA (640 x 480) / 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 (fps)
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) measurement: Quad-VGA only
Multiple camera measurement: Up to 2 units


RoboVision 2 SSD package 1.4 million yen (excluding tax)
1 stereo camera RoboVision 2 s, measuring PC, portable SSD (2 TB), set package of software development environment

RoboVision 2s Object detection option 500,000 yen (excluding tax)
Software capable of outputting the size and position of an arbitrary object


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