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Overview and features of the ultra-sensitive stereo camera system RoboVision 2s

"RoboVision® 2" is a stereo camera system that can incorporate two Sony ultra-sensitive CMOS image sensors, IMX 224, into a PC with USB 3.0.

RoboVision 2 is equipped with an image sensor that can acquire high-quality color images even at low illuminance of 0.005 lux corresponding to darkness, and it is possible to acquire color images of 30 fps at a maximum of 1280 × 960 pixels.

As a software development environment (SDK), it comes with a library for setting camera calibration etc., a library for outputting parallax images, and an application that allows you to check images immediately.

For Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, sensing in front of the vehicle and pedestrians is required even in low-light environments such as evening and nighttime. This product can be used for research and development of such a sensing system.

Four features of stereo camera RoboVision 2s

High sensitivity CMOS sensor Equipped with Sony IMX 224

The image sensor "IMX 224" to be installed in RoboVision 2 is an in-vehicle camera that realizes high sensitivity, which makes it possible to shoot high-quality color images even in an environment with a low illuminance of 0.005 lux corresponding to the dark night, even darker than the starlight.The CMOS image sensor is carried. This improves the image acquisition performance at night and can be used for image measurement research and development in a wide range of scenes.

Comparison of shot sample image (left) of "IMX 224 MQV" at low illuminance (0.005 lux) and shot image of conventional product (right)
"IMX 224 MQV" photographed image
Conventional product photographic image
Exhibition: Sony Corporation News Release
Commercialization of world's highest sensitivity * 1 CMOS image sensor for in-vehicle camera

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Function and Loading

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range, which means that the dynamic range is wide.

The dynamic range is the logarithm of the illuminance ratio between bright and dark areas, and the unit is expressed in dB (decibel).
The CMOS sensor gain of the IMX 224 corresponds to 72 dB, the larger this value, the more clearly the contrast difference can be projected.
Figure WDR function comparison image (left: WDR off right: WDR on)

In addition, the latest stereo camera unit RoboVision 3 corresponds to 120 dB, and it is a camera that corresponds to wider contrast difference.

RoboVision 3 product page is here →

A rich software development environment, SDK is also included

In order to make it easy to apply to development, RoboVision 2s interface corresponds to USB 3.0.
Connecting the cable to the PC, you can easily measure images with the included application.
In addition, you can prepare an application program interface (API) such as connection of a stereo camera, acquisition and storage of images, and incorporate measured images into user's software easily.
Figure RoboVision 2 Point Cloud Data and Viewer Display Acquired

Acquisition of color image of 30 fps at a maximum of 1280 × 960 pixels

To acquire images, you can perform size and frame rate (fps) through application and API, acquire color image of 30 fps at the maximum of 1280 × 960 pixels, and perform simultaneous measurement using multiple cameras.
RoboVision 2s Measurement PC Set option saves images in SSD and allows you to measure images for more than 4 hours.
Figure RoboVision 2 SSD package
In addition, I think that you can see the following page about RoboVision 2's functions and image processing.

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