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Usage of stereo camera system RoboVision 2s

Distance measurement and Image Recognition technology using stereo cameras are used in various fields.

In the field of automobile technology development such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving development (AD development), we have developed a collision prevention function by detecting a preceding vehicle equipped with a stereo camera in the vehicle and by automatic braking .
In the construction industry, it can be used for detecting obstacles around vehicles, detecting pot holes and cracks on roads, and in the railroad and train fields, for trajectory detection and forward obstacle detection sensors.
In addition, there are various usage methods depending on the purpose for the system of stereo camera such as image data collection tool for Image Recognition and image processing technology development.

Usage of stereo camera

Automobile advanced driving support system (ADAS)

Stereo cameras are applied to automobile advanced driving systems (ADAS) such as eye site etc., such as automatic brake support that detects and predicts forward obstacles with a camera and prevents collision,contributing greatly to achieve safe and comfortable driving.
Object detection image

Autonomous Driving development

For Autonomous Driving development working on ZMP, stereo cameras are used for detecting obstacles in the surroundings, Image Recognition such as white line detection and signal detection, and self-location estimation using point cloud map (point cloud information).
Image Recognition of vehicle

Image processing technology development

By using a stereo camera, we utilize the information of the distance to exploit the distance information and exploit the image processing algorithm such as road surface condition detection. It is applied to rain and snow, distance measurement algorithm at night, map mapping of objects applying GPS and object detection result and so on.
Figure Distance measurement result at night

Security measures

Three-dimensional view of people by utilizing the images of two cameras, detecting the number of people and movement of people, monitoring security and preventive safety measures and congestion situation. In addition, it sets the area to be detected, sets up a stereo camera at, and covers places where people can not see, it is used for detecting people using object detection function and Image Recognition technology.
Fig. Security related image
In addition,

· Driving support for autonomous mobile robot and AGV (industrial unmanned conveyance truck) for transporting goods in the factory
· Building/Civil engineering to construction machine sensing tool
· Detection of vacant places in parking lots and detection of protrusion of door mirrors when riding in an elevator
· Flow line analysis by human flow measurement and use for marketing

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