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    We deal with various sensors such as Acceleration sensor, GPS sensor, 3D-LiDAR etc. We introduce sensors that can be utilized for surrounding environment recognition / vehicle behavior measurement / vehicle information acquisition / driver behavior / biometric data acquisition etc., by purpose.

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    Peripheral environment recognition

    RoboSense 3D-LiDAR, 3D-LiDAR made by Konica Minolta are sensors that recognize the surrounding environment.


    RoboSense 3D-LiDAR series
    Handles up to 128 layer type and RS-Bpearl, MEMS solid state LiDAR covering 360 ° x90 °
    Konica Minolta 3D-LiDAR
    Konica Minolta 3D-LiDAR
    24-layer Lidar capable of wide-range scanning with a horizontal directional viewing angle ranges 120 degrees at maximum

    Stereo camera unit

    Stereo Camera RoboVision 2s
    RoboVision® 2s
    Super high sensitivity stereo camera system compatible with ranging and object detection software
    Stereo camera RoboVision 3
    RoboVision® 3
    A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of up to 150 m and horizontal 110 ° field of view​ ​
    Surround RoboVision
    Surround RoboVision
    Acquire 360 ​​° full circumference images at maximum color depth of 24 bits at 30 fps

    Vehicle behavior measurement

    Handle acceleration (IMU) sensor, GPS sensor, RTK compatible GPS sensor, etc., as sensors to measure vehicle behavior

    Acceleration sensor

    Acceleration sensor IMU-Z2
    9-axis motion sensor that can be measured by wireless or wired
    Acceleration sensor IMU-Z Cube
    IMU-Z Cube
    Small 6-axis motion sensor capable of measuring acceleration up to 400 G

    GPS sensor

    GPS sensor Position-Z
    GPS / pressure integrated position sensor capable of CAN output
    GPS sensor Position & Motion
    Position & Motion
    Sensor package capable of simultaneous measurement of vehicle position, behavior and environment
    GPS sensor RTK Position-Z
    RTK Position-Z
    Position sensor that can measure position with centi-order using RTK

    Acquisition of vehicle information

    Handle devices that communicate CAN information of vehicles to PCs and loggers
    Acquisition of vehicle information CANUSB-Z
    2 channel CAN simultaneous connection small CAN USB interface
    Acquisition of vehicle information Cartomo UP PRO
    Cartomo UP PRO
    Transceiver capable of Bluetooth communication compatible with CAN communication (2 channels)
    Acquisition of vehicle information Cartomo UP USB
    Cartomo UP USB
    In-vehicle CAN data from the automotive diagnostic connector OBDII is acquired via USB.

    Biometric Measurement

    Handle motion capture, electrocardiogram, heart rate sensor. Can be used for motion analysis during driving or working.
    Biometric Measurement Body Motion
    Body Motion
    A motion capture system that can measure motion of whole body using IMU-Z2​ ​
    Biometric Measurement Wearable heart rate sensor
    Wearable heart rate sensor
    13 g, continuous 7-day data measurement heart rate sensor​ ​
    Biometric Measurement EGC2
    ECG 2
    Approximately 15 g, an electrocardiograph capable of wireless measurement with a small size and light weight​ ​

    Logger / PC & Development Tools

    High-function data logger & PC

    Sales of PCs (computers) that support a variety of interfaces and have high environmental resistance and in-vehicle resistance, and general-purpose power supplies for in-vehicle use
    Data logger Fanless PC
    Fanless PC
    Latest model Automotive fanless PC series Nuvo-5100 VTC series
    High-function PC STACKRACK
    Environment resistant GPU system PC ideal for Autonomous driving​ ​
    and Robot Research development

      Automotive General Purpose Power Supply

      Automotive Power Supply Power Unit-Z
      Power Unit-Z
      Autonomous driving / Advanced driving support experimental automotive high power battery system

      K-team small robots for research and development​ ​​ ​

      Small mobile robots for research and development made by Swiss K-team
      K-team small robots Kilobot
      Research platform to promote understanding of group control and realize wide range of possibilities
      K-team small robots Khepera IV
      Khepera IV
      Small autonomous mobile robot equipped with camera, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor

        Drone measurement service

        ZMP also sell surveying services and products of AeroSense Inc., which is used for surveying and inspection, logistics support etc.
        Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
        Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
        Fully Autonomous Drone AS-MC02-P
        work fully automated from take-off to landing
        Drone measurement AEROBO Marker
        AEROBO Marker
        Anti-alarm sign with GPS function with RTK accuracy.
        Significant reduction of surveying man-hour and data processing man-hour
        Drone surveying AEROBO cloud
        AEROBO cloud
        Provide applications for drone such as surveying on the cloud

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