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RoboSense 3D-LiDAR series

This page introduces the product lineup of LiDAR manufacturer RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd), headquartered in Shenzhen, China. In addition to mechanical 16,32 and ultra-high-definition 128 layers, there are RS-Bpearl for ultra-wide-angle, and MEMS-based LiDAR, which has been released for research and development.

RoboSense Company 3D-LiDAR Case Study

RoboSense's 3D-LiDAR is currently used in various robots and fields, such as Autonomous Driving cars, buses, trucks and delivery robots. Please watch the video below for reference on how to use 3D-LiDAR.

RoboSense 3D-LiDAR lineup

RoboSense's 3D-LiDAR products include mechanical RS-LiDAR 16 and 32, ultra-high-definition 128-layer RS-Ruby, ultra-wide-angle RS-Bpearl covering blind spots in Autonomous Driving vehicles, and R&D. The MEMS-type LiDAR that has been launched. Please check the specifications and details of the product below.
128 beam RS-Ruby
32 beam RS-LiDAR-32
16 beam RS-LiDAR-16
RS-Bpearl for ultra-wide field of view
MEMS solid state type RS-LiDAR-M1

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