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RS-Ruby Ultra High Definition 128 laser beam 3D-LIDAR

Ultra-high definition 128 laser beam 3D-LIDAR RS-Ruby


RS-Ruby is a high-definition LiDAR with 128 beams developed for Autonomous Driving levels 4 to 5.
The measuring distance is 200m, the angle resolution (0.1 °) is 3 times that of RS-LiDAR-32, and the full detection distance is improved 2 to 3 times.

Measuring distance 200m @ 10% reflectance, minimum angular resolution 0.1 ° (vertical direction)

Compared to the 32-beam RS-LiDAR-32 (minimum angular resolution 0.33 °), it has about 3 times the resolution and the maximum obstacle detection distance is 2 to 3 times, achieving the strict required level for high-speed autonomous driving. RS-Ruby is designed to emit a laser of 100 beam or more between the central portion of the vertical viewing angle of -6.39 ° to + 3.81 °. The object in front can be measured (tilt angle 3 ° or less).
RS-Ruby measurement image
Point cloud information of bus from 10m to 200m

Identify objects and colors by reflectance

RS-Ruby can stably identify not only white lines but also road signs and murals by the information obtained from the reflectance.
High-precision map measured with RS-Ruby
Mural information acquired from reflectance information measured by RS-Ruby


RS-Ruby measurement video.
RS-Ruby Driving sensing result
RS-Ruby long distance measurement result

RS-Ruby specification


Number of beam 128
Laser wavelength 905 nm
Laser class class 1
Measurement accuracy ± 3cm (typical)
Measuring distance 200m (10% object reflectivity)
Blind spot distance  <0.4m
Vertical viewing angle +15°~-25°(40°)
Vertical resolution minimum 0.1 °
Horizontal viewing angle 360°
Horizontal resolution 0.2 ° to 0.4 ° (10-20Hz)
Rotation speed 600 / 1200rpm (10 / 20Hz)


Data output 2,304,000pts / s (single return)
Interface 1000Mbps Ethernet
Information contained in UDP packet Spatial Cordinates, Intensity, Synchronized Timestamp


Input voltage 9-32 VDC
Weather resistance IP 67
Operating temperature -40℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Body dimensions  H:148.5mm*Φ:166mm
Body weight 3.7kg (without cabling)



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