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9 axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU - Z2 & SDK

Sold more than 1000 units since 2014. Definitive, ultimate version of motion sensor for research (IMU,acceleration sensor)

 Reason why IMU-Z2 is kept to be chosen


· Lightweight & Compact (20g & 36 × 52 × 11 [mm])

· Flexible sensor configuration (wired & wireless compatible)

· Sufficient developing environment (application, library and sample program)

Also, it is easy to measure with three steps!
At the time of wired connection (Cable length can be up to 16 m)​ ​​ ​ ​ ​
​ ​At the time of wireless connection (Lightweight lithium battery option) ​ ​
1. Install the driver → 2. Sensor Calibration → 3. Data measurement with attached application


·"IMU-Z2"is a lightweight,compact housing and suitable motion sensor to easily measure person's movement and mobile object.
· Mounted with a 9-axis motion sensor with 3-axis acceleration,3-axis angular velocity and 3-axis geomagnetism. Data is measured with Bluetooth(wireless) or CAN(wired).
· Enable to use posture estimation library with accuracy and improved responsiveness by Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).
· Enhance sufficient development environment include application, library, sample program for general products with a sensor body only.
· Enable to measure with a data synchronization of every sensor by using plural sensors.


Full body motion capture e-nuvo "IMU-Z BodyMotion" by 17 sensor modules


Single unit purchase
■ 9-axis wireless motion sensor ZMP® IMU-Z2 & SDK
Commercial Price 298,000 JPY (excluding tax) / Academic Price 198,000 JPY (excluding tax)
・IMU-Z2 main unit     ・IMU-Z-CAN cable     ・Battery box
・IMU-Z fixed band (1m)  ・IMU-Z Fixed Magic tape ・Switch operation bar
・IMU-Z-PC-NT-1m cable  ・CANUSB-Z cable type  ・IMU-Z AC Adapter(5V)
・ IMU-Z HUB100
・Software Development Environment (SDK): Library, Driver, Sample Program, Document (Application: “Model Draw Application”
​ ​“3D Viewer” “IMU-Z Viewer”):「Model Draw Application」「3D Viewer」「IMU-Z Viewer」)

■IMU-Z2 wireless motion sensor body
Commercial Price 98,000 JPY (excluding tax) / Academic Price 78,000 JPY (excluding tax)
* A set of wireless motion sensors for additional purchase.
・IMU-Z2 main unit      ・IMU-Z-CAN cable   ・Battery Box
・IMU-Z fixed band (1m)   ・IMU-Z Fixed Magic tape ・Switch operation bar

Product demonstration request and product inquiry

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