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Surround Robo Vision 360° surrounding image measurement​ ​

ZMP provides Surround RoboVision that can capture 360​​° full circumference with high sensitivity as a peripheral monitoring sensor for Autonomous driving.
Survey image with Surround RoboVision

About Surround RoboVision

“Surround RoboVision” consists of one 4-eye stereo camera and three 2-eye stereo cameras. By using this product, it is possible to acquire images synchronized in time with five stereo cameras at a maximum of 30 fps. As a result, it can be applied to distance measurement of surrounding objects using parallax from the measured stereo camera image and development of object detection algorithms. Conventionally, when measuring with multiple cameras, it was necessary to adjust the synchronization of the cameras, but by using this product, it is possible to measure multiple cameras in synchronization.
"Surround RoboVision" sensor configuration
RoboVision 3 adopts the latest Sony's high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor for automotive use IMX390 *, 24-bit RAW data output enables image post-processing to be flexibly performed and it is possible to capture objects that were difficult to recognize in the past.
Figure: Image processing of output image for corresponding 24-bit
Figure: Image with changed brightness range (near tunnel entrance)
In addition, with the included software, we plan to provide an environment where measurement results from each camera can be saved to a PC and software that outputs the distance measurement results can be attached to use the measurement results.

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Products attached to surround view cameras such as mounting jigs for cameras mounted on vehicles, measurement PCs, and camera covers are available upon request.

Measuring image

It is a video which overlaid a distance image on the measured image.


360° surrounding monitoring system, Surround RoboVision is over 4,620,000 JPY (excluding tax)
Four stereo camera unit × 1, 2 eye stereo camera unit × 3, front glass reflection prevention plate × 1, frame grabber unit × 3, connection cable × 3, software development environment (SDK) CD-ROM × 1

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