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Surveying service

ZMP also sells Aerosense surveying services and products, and can be used for customer surveying, inspection, and logistics support. Aerosense's products and services include the sale of the autonomous flight drone "AEROBO" and the use of anti-aircraft signs equipped with GNSS. "AEROBO Maker" which has a function to automatically log GNSS observation data of anti-aircraft sign function and installation function for aerial photography. We provide a service called "AEROBO cloud" that enables data processing of aerial images measured by drones on the cloud.

Aerosense Drone Surveying Service

Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
Fully Autonomous Drone AS-MC02-P
work fully automated from take-off to landing
Drone measurement AEROBO Marker
Anti-alarm sign with GPS function with RTK accuracy.
Significant reduction of surveying man-hour and data processing man-hour
Drone surveying AEROBO cloud
AEROBO cloud
Provide applications for drone such as surveying

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