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AEROBO cloud


AEROBO cloud surveying service
In AEROBOcloud, it is possible to process data of aerial photographs corresponding to i-Construction. It is possible to generate necessary data in a short time simply by uploading the aerial image from Web browser and start processing. Although it is possible to set the GCP to obtain accuracy, using AEROBO marker we can realize highly accurate survey processing without setting GCP.

Fast model generation
By performing parallel processing using a high-performance machine on the cloud, it is possible to execute 3D model, DEM creation and ortho map generation at high speed from the aerial image. If it is 200 images, it can be processed in about 1 hour.
Display of ortho map and 3D model
Orthorectified images and 3D models created based on aerial photographs can be downloaded and used as well as pasted on the map on the web and checked on the spot. By browsing and managing on the map, it is possible to compare it with the past point of time and track changes.
Export various data
In addition to the orthoimage and 3D model on the left you can download point cloud data called PointCloud and various data such as processing reports. You can generate artifacts by loading the downloaded point cloud data with your own CAD software, loading the 3D model into the 3D CG tool, and using it.
Aerobo cloud inspection service
In the aerobo cloud, we provide an inspection function to check the target based on the aerial image. It is also possible to not only check the object by uploading the aerial image to create an orthoimage but also to automatically judge the damage with high precision by using the AI ​​inspection engine on its own cloud. Currently we prepare our own engine for seat inspection and we are preparing solar panel inspection etc. Please contact us for more information.

Usage environment

PC Machine equipped with GPU which WebGL operates comfortably. Memory 4 GB or more is required
OS Windows 7 or higher, or OSX ver 10.9.5 or higher
WEB Browser

Please use the latest version of the following browsers

Recommendation: Google Chrome - MicrosoftEdge,

Available for Firefox, Opera, Safari
Internet Explorer is not supported


Image processing fee (up to 1000 sheets at a time)
Annual amount (fixed): 2 million JPY
Monthly (fixed): 70,000 JPY/month (up to 5 times), 200,000 JPY/month (up to 30 times)
Usage Charging: 40,000 JPY for one time

Storage fee
Up to 100 GB: Free (estimate above 100 GB)