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What is AEROBO marker?
It has a function of automatic logging of GNSS observation data of anti-aircraft signature function and installation function for aerial photographing with anti-aircraft sign with GNSS. Aerial image and AEROBO marker observation log are processed by AEROBO cloud. Highly accurate positioning of marker coordinates on the cloud, marker detection from aerial photograph images and association with marker coordinates are automatically performed by AI, and highly accurate three-dimensional models also various data are automatically generated from aerial photograph images. As in the past, it is unnecessary to separately measure the anti-aircraft sign using a ground surveying instrument such as a total station, and it is possible to measure the orientation point while aerial photographing. In addition, it is compact, lightweight, easy to operate, it is possible to carry and install many markers at once, which can drastically reduce work on site.

Mechanism and principle
Perform GNSS observation at installation position for 60 minutes and log observation data such as radio wave information. After observation, we carry out carrier phase positioning (static positioning) similar to RTK - GPS to measure the relative position between the two markers with an accuracy of about 1 cm. At this time, in addition to the GNSS observation data of the installation position, the observation data of the reference station (simultaneous observation data of the point where the position is accurately known) is separately required, but in AEROBO survey 2.0, for standard station observation data we use the electronic reference point data provided by the Geographical Survey Institute.
Automatically search the nearest electronic reference point from observation point and refer to relevant observation data. The positioning process starts based on the timing of data distribution.
Also, if you can use known points (surveyed points and already known high precision positions) in / around the site, you can set the AEROBO marker there so that the known point observation data can be used as reference station observation data.In this case, as soon as observation is completed, positioning processing becomes possible.

· Place it at the orientation point / verification point, eliminate ground survey.
· Automatic calculation of RTK precision position information with unique cloud postprocessing.
. Automatically generate GCP data by automatically recognizing the marker position on the aerial photograph image and automatically associating it with the position information.
. Easy operation that works only with the main unit (using tablet is also possible).

Reduction of surveying man-hours on site
It is lightweight and easily installable marker, so it is easy to carry and install at the survey site.You can start surveying just by pressing the button and installing, you can survey with 1 hour installation.No need for ground survey, it is possible to drastically reduce man-hours.

Cooperation with AEROBO cloud
Just by uploading logs taken from AEROBO marker and Aerobo marker on AEROBO cloud, you can correct survey data, automatically recognizing AEROBO marker in aerial photographs, and automatically matching the position information of markers and markers on images , Ortho images and 3D meshes, point cloud data can be generated automatically. Manual grade point input is unnecessary, and data processing is performed fully automatically.


Size External dimensions (Overall) Φ350 mm × 37 mm
External dimensions (Overall) Φ 240 mm x 30 mm
Weight Body (1 machine): 474 g
Performance Dustproof Waterproof rating grade: IP65
Positioning Accuracy: Horizontal Accuracy 1.0 cm, Height Direction Accuracy 2.0 - 4.0 cm
Environmental standard RoHS Response
Receiver basic specification Reception method: GPS / QZSS L1 C / A, GLONASS L 10 F
Update rate: 1 Hz
Electrical specifications Built-in battery: NI-MH 1980 mAh
Operating time: Duration 6 to 7 hours
Charging time: 5 hours (via USB, 1A)
Data storage memory: 8 GB (2400 times measurable as one hour measurement one time)

Operating temperature: -10 to 50 ° C (in normal operation), 5 to 45 ° C (charging time)

Storage temperature: -15 to 60 ° C
Interface  USB 2.0 Type B (for charging, downloading data)
Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Simple UI It is a simple operation system of 3 buttons / 6 LEDs, it can operate with only the main body
With Bluetooth, you can also communicate with PC, smartphone, tablet


AEROBO marker

Sale price

1 piece: 200,000 JPY
5 pieces: 900,000 JPY
10 pieces: 1.7 million JPY
Positioning calculation by cloud: 20,000 JPY / month (fixed)

Rental price (up to 2 times for each company)

1 piece: 20,000 JPY / week (with introduction support)
Positioning calculation by cloud: 15,000 JPY once