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Ultra small group robot Kilobot

Introduction to Kilobot (English)
Demonstrations of Kilobot collective behaivors up to 29 robots (English)


On June 1, 2011 we agreed to cross-sell the two companies products with Swiss K-Team, which develops and sells small mobile robots for research and education, aiming to accelerate research in the field of car and robotics.

About K-Team
K-Team is a company established based on the results of the small mobile robot Khepera of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
High quality small mobile robot used in advanced research and education, including Khepera series widely used by researchers around the world.
We develop, manufacture and sell these robots.

Ultra small group robot Kilobot
Kilbot is a low-cost, easy-to-use ultra-small group robot.
Many small Kilbots can make "flocks" and program them to act, synchronize and control autonomously.
This group recalls, for example: a herd of ants. Herd of ants find the presence of food in a huge and complicated natural environment, carry large foods together and build nests. Based on this natural hint, the group of robots will dig a tunnel to find survivors from the mountain of rubble, monitor the environment to remove pollutants, reduce the number of honey bees needed for crop growth.You may be able to help or to self-assemble to form a support structure for a collapsed building.
Kilobot is optimally designed as a research platform to promote understanding of group control and realize a wide range of possibilities.

· Low cost
· Compact size (diameter 33 mm)
· Detailed motor control (255 stages of power output)
· Communication with other Kilobots up to 7 cm
. Distance measurement between two Kilobots
· Ambient light sensing
· RGB led
· Rechargeable type/Mobile battery
· Easy operation (You can program and control hundreds of Kilobots at once with a single Kilobot controller.)


Processor ATmega 328 (8 bit @ 8 MHz)

32 KB Flash (user programming, boot loader),

1 KB EEPROM (calibration data and other nonvolatile data storage), 2 KB SRAM


Rechargeable Li-Pol 3.7 V (3 months sleep mode possible).

When 6 volts are applied to the legs and GND is applied to the charging tab, the Kilbot's built-in charger charges the onboard battery.

Charging Kilobot charger (optional)
Communication You can communicate with the adjacent Kilobot within 7 cm with surface reflection infrared (IR) light.

When receiving a message the distance to the transmitting Kilobot can be determined using the received signal strength.

The brightness of ambient light that illuminates Kilobot can be detected.


Each Kilobot has two vibration motors, which are independent controls enabling differential drive of the robot.

Each motor can be set to 255 power levels.

Light Each Kilobot has an RGB LED (emitting light upward). Brightness can be controlled in three steps.
Size The diameter is 33 mm and the height (including the legs) is 34 mm.

Kilobot controller software controls the controller board.

You can send the program file to the robot and control the it.


Open source development software WinAVR provides C programming development environment.

APIs for basic functions (motor speed, LED control, distance measurement etc) are available and several samples are included.

Debug You can use the header information of the serial output for debugging each Kilobot via the terminal of the computer.


※ Individuals can also purchase.
Kilobot (10 packs) (please inquire for price)
Kilobot controller (please inquire for price)
Kilobot charger (please inquire for price)
Kilobot support package (1 year) (please inquire for price)
※ English Manual is available.


Kilobot control software


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