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Vehicle Behavior Measurement Logger Package

Vehicle Behavior Measurement Logger Package Outline / Features

Package Contents
In "Vehicle Behavior Measurement Logger Package", we are using the vehicle information dedicated cable (OBD II standard), the GPS / barometric pressure sensor "ZMP Position-Z2", the 9 axis motion sensor "ZMP IMU - Z2", and the network camera (max. 4 units) By connecting to the high performance data logger "blue Pira T2" made by Telemotive Germany, it is a package which can acquire various information related to the vehicle simultaneously with the start of the engine. In addition, we will sell these devices as a basic set, "Remote Control Touch" which can grasp signal acquisition situation and trigger input at hand, power supply unit (including consulting on power acquisition method), dedicated cable. In addition, we can propose sensors and camera installation fixtures according to your request, and can also conduct data acquisition test in advance.
Composition contents
· Telemotive blue PiraT 2
· Telemotive Remote Control Touch
· Vehicle information dedicated cable (OBD II standard)
· GPS · barometric pressure sensor "ZMP Position-Z2"
· 9-axis motion sensor "ZMP IMU-Z2"
· Network camera (up to 4 units)
·Power supply unit
·Dedicated cable

Introduction of data measurement service
Everyone who is considering a logger package
Do you have any troubles with data measurement?
Through ZMP's automatic operation development and customization services,
We also offer data measurement service using real cars.
Measurement of data using a ZMP logger
We can provide necessary services according to customers' requirements and requirements.
For details, please check the following.
Real vehicle data measurement service RoboTest (Robotest)

Vehicle Behavior Measurement Logger Package Price

Vehicle behavior measurement logger package 2.5 million yen (excluding tax) ~
Other, analog / digital measurement etc are also available.

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