What's going on at ZMP

We exhibited at the New Value Creation Exhibition 2018!

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
I went to set up for the exhibition this week were we exhibited our two new robots.

The robots which were on display were CarriRo Deli, our delivery robot which is yet to be released in Japan and CarriRo, the logistics support robot which is equipped with an autonomous movement mode.

The new autonomous movement model CarriRo and the new model of CarriRo Deli showcased with facial expressions gained high attention!

I think it’s an interesting timing to take part in our projects since we are creating and
​ ​introducing a service and product which are new to society.

If you would like to be a part of the development of our new robots, let’s work together to create a new and exciting future!

Innovation from the sky

【Message by Japanese Sales】

Hello, there! I would like to touch on AeroSense products.
Did you know that Aerosense Inc. is a joint venture of Sony and ZMP which is established in 2015?
I work as a salesperson at Aerosense.
Recently, Aerosense "AEROBO marker" is becoming a hot subject.
We even won the Good Design Award and have been making remarkable achievements such as expanding functions so that the reference point surveying are also possible.

Good Design Award:

Reference point survey/Instrumentation compatible:

It’s been a year since AEROBO made its debut in the market. and I want to take this opportunity and thank the hundreds of companies and users who’ve bought or rented it. Thank you so much!​ ​

I want to help all the testing fields and I do this by the slogan, “One AEROBO marker for one company!”

Curiosity-driven, fun members, along with state-of-the-art technologies like markers and drones, are waiting to meet you.
Come visit us!​ ​

​ ​Finalist for ACC Tokyo Creative Innovation Awards

【Message by Japanese HR】
Our autonomous delivery robot, CarriRo Delivery has been selected as Finalist for the 58th Creative Innovation category of ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS! There were other entries from various categories like entertainment, medicine and music and we were selected as one of them to receive this important award. The theme of the award was “Big idea X technology” so there was a very vibrant atmosphere in the air. Watching the finalists presentations, I could feel their passion to make society a better place by using their technology and it was great to be able to share this vision. We’ll continue to strive to make a better tomorrow by working hard on the CarriRo Delivery”

First experience at International Logistics Comprehensive Exhibition

【Message by Chinese Sales】
We exhibited CarriRo(Autonomous movement model) and CarriRo Delivery at the Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 from September 11th to 14th.
As a CarriRo Sales representative, I went to the booth for 4 days.
Many visitors from Japan and overseas attended the exhibition these 4 days and the booths were crowded.

It was the first time to be a part of an International Logistics Exhibition,so I was both thrilled and tensed.
Customers who visited our booth got interested in the products and they mentioned about the various topics like issues that they faced in logistics, how they imagined CarriRo to be implemented, etc.

At this exhibition, we were able to detail the products to far more customers than the usual sales activities.
I also learned even more about how to engage with prospective customers and explain to make them understand better.

Because of the negotiations at the exhibition, we exceeded our desired outcome.For us it was a great opportunity!!
We, the CarriRo team, will keep working hard and continue to update our sales record.

Autonomous Driving taxi service demonstration

【Message by Japanese project manager】
We demonstrated public road service of autonomous driving taxi with HINOMARU Kotsu from August 28th to September 8th.
The 2-week demonstration was between the busiest Tokyo’s Otemachi and Roppongi districts. The passengers solicited in advance made payment for a one-way taxi service demonstration.

This initiative was made possible not only by HINOMARU Kotsu's commitment but also by various people's cooperation.
The idea of autonomous driving taxi came up considering for those who do not have a means of transportation or insufficient supply of transportation and to change their situation by improving the traffic supply and for this we strongly support HINOMARU Kotsu and promoted collaboration.
Although there may be a lot of traffic and a lot of tasks to overcome, we demonstrated the service on the route where the taxi supply is insufficient, hence we can identify the problem and solve it.
I chose this course because it aimed at practical use rather than experiments.
To this feeling, we approached the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Mitsubishi Estate, Mori Building, and various other people, and it came true.

For realization, our engineers from all over the world worked hard.
Since ZMP manufactures in-house technologies necessary for autonomous operation without relying on other companies, development progresses at a tremendous speed.
This time I absorbed more information of the HINOMARU Kotsu professional driver and refined the autonomous driving technique as "taxi service".
Even though competition is intense in this field of Autonomous driving technology that runs through the city center, we think that our technology is the world's highest peak.
I am happy that I can work with the best engineers.

I hope that we can change the society with technology, but there are various ways to change, there is a limit to what we can do with only one person or ZMP.
We are doing a good cause and moving forward with it with passion, moving the hearts of people around us and accomplishing big things.

Automated Future

【Message by Filippino engineer】
The future is automated.A quick google search will net you articles depicting an automated future society.
​ ​What else could be more relevant than the automation of cars which is currently one of ZMP's major projects.
Recently we launched automation taxi trials in Tokyo and making this possible required lots of hard work. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this project and experienced the difficulties first hand.​ ​
Doing the tests and working in the field during Japan's hottest summer amped up the challenge.​ ​
We persevered until the end.
For a project with so many parts, both business and engineering sides, communication and teamwork were decisive factors.
I'm glad that everyone concerned were persistent enough to make this endeavor a reality.​ ​
Seeing the first customer riding the autonomous taxi made me realize that we actually made history.
We just made a significant step towards an automated future.

​ ​"Move Fast and Build Things"

【Message by Egyptian engineer】
One of the things I appreciate about ZMP is how quickly new ideas are acted upon.
Early in last April I proposed a new product to the head of our engineering department, and within 10 days I was sitting with the CEO discussing my proposal, before getting the green light to start.
Within 3 months we had a working proof-of-concept that was promising enough to officially announce the product during ZMP's annual forum.
Our plan is to keep up the momentum and make the product available for our customers as soon as possible, since we deeply believe it will have a huge impact on how they approach both engineering and business decisions."

My debut at ZMP: Teamwork at the Public Demonstration Test of Autonomous Driving Taxi Service Project

【Message by Brazilian Engineer】
My story with ZMP began around 5 months ago, when I decided to change my previous job and I researched at the internet about ZMP for the first time.
I read about its intention of having autonomous taxi cabs for the 2020 Olympics.
This daring intention to use technology to change society really pushed me towards choosing ZMP as my new company.
Just a few days after starting at the company, when I was about to finish my basic training, I was told that my first project would precisely be the autonomous taxi project!
I was very happy for the vote of confidence, and I felt proud to be part of such a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers.
​ ​It was not easy though: time was very short and the goals had to be strictly reached, for safety is the first priority.
To be inside of a car with 6 people driving through the streets of Tokyo in the hottest days of the summer was also very tough.
Teamwork, patience, persistence and above all communication were essential to achieve results in such a team composed by people from so many different nationalities.
Now, a few days after the inauguration, I am still amazed by the impact of this project in media and in my social networks.
I feel that to accomplish such daring goal and to show people that this technology is in the brink of becoming accessible, potentially changing the way society deals with transportation, is part of our life mission as engineers.

I must say thank you to my team colleagues and to ZMP for allowing me to be part of it.

One month after joining ZMP

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
Nearly one month have passed since I joined the company as an Electrical Engineer. ZMP is a company with international workplace and have its own corporate culture where we challenge to new fields including urban transportation infrastructure demonstration experiment of world’s first autonomous driving taxi service. This corporate culture is exceptional and I feel pleasant and comfortable here.

I have been very excited since I got a job at ZMP, because I can handle a vehicle, a big scaled device which I could not handle so far. I was really impressed when I remodeled and moved the vehicle with the cotroller with my hands.
Every staff that I am working with are so nice. If there is anything which troubles me, I am free to ask them.
I hope to be experienced and skilled quickly and hope to do the whole of the work by myself!

ZMP,company`s events

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
After starting to work at ZMP from this July, I had the oppurtunities to participate in ZMP Forum and BBQ Party event.
We had a press conference at ZMP Forum and we announced our action for the realization of the autonomous driving taxi service till 2020 and also our CarriRo Delivery Demonstraton project. I could re-recognize that I can be engaged in the leading technology development because I joined ZMP.
In BBQ party event,multi-national employees and their families participated regardeless of nationality or culture.They were enjoying the party very much, and I realized during the party that I am working in a very interesting company.

Our company’s monthly meeting is conducted in English which can help me to advance my English ability. There are foreign employees in and around my workspace so that I can soon use the words I learn. I am learning and growing everyday.

I haven’t worked in such an international environment where many foreigners are working around together. Its very new and very exciting!
If you are looking for a company to develop the leading technology or to use your language ability, the company I work is the best.​ ​
I really hope to contribute to our projects while learning the leading technology and developing my English ability.

ZMP Forum-CarriRo Sales Team​ ​


【Message by Japanese Sales】
ZMP Forum is held once a year, very important event to show our new products and new functions. This year marked the 10th anniversary of ZMP Forum.
Many CarriRo customers and clients were coming to Forum, so all staff of sales team have been feeling nervous, but working hard for the preparation of Forum

This year we had decided to present CarriRo new version “Autonomous Moving model”. All of our team members had been thinking about the content of demonstration to express the good points of new CarriRo, so we had started the project from a few months ago.

The characteristics about “Autonomous Moving model” is; By changing and sticking the landmark even if it is in a narrow location, we can flexibly change a running route and keep a stable running too.

We planned the special performance that CarriRo moves autonomously and intersects to music complicatedly.

But once we started the test- drive, we found how difficult Robot movement can synchronizes music. We can’t fail in the Forum performance. We wanted to make sure our success, so we had practiced and rehearsed again and again, with our engineer until just before the day of Forum.

The performance resulted in success. The hall sounded with thunderous applause. We could inform the good quality of new product enough through this good opportunity. Please see the video dated August 8th in “What’s going on at ZMP”.

We had Autonomous Moving demos at 2nd floor through Forum 3 days.
After receiving inquiries from customers and finding their serious looks, we felt the possibility of CarriRo growing from now on.

We felt a certain, positive reaction from customers. We found that all our team could take pride and confidence in our products and we stuck together through our event. We have just realized that nothing can be replaced with our strong ties.​ ​

ZMP Forum-CarriRo Team

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
In the annual ZMP Forum we, CarriRo team have just presented demonstration of autonomous function CarriRo which will be released in the end of this year.

Our demonstration content ran smoothly and we could just wait for the performance of this year’s Forum. However just after the opening of the Forum the bug,frequent false recognition occured.
We found a way to compromise and seek a solution with Development team and Sales team working together. We made various attempts, saying “Was it neither this way nor that?” As our team have been practiced and rehearsed demonstration over and over in the day before Forum, we took every available step there and finally our demonstration performance was a success!​ ​
We found a way to compromise and seek a solution with Development team and Sales team working together. We made various attempts, saying “Was it neither this way nor that?” As our team have been practiced and rehearsed demonstration over and over in the day before Forum, we took every available step there and finally our demonstration performance was a success!​ ​

On the release of CarriRo Delivery new design

【Message by French Engineer】
To say that we were excited about revealing the new version of CarriRo Delivery robot to the public would be an understatement, as this event gave its tempo to our days those last months. For the public this new design is a relatively fresh news, but for us it is the result of two years of continuous and dedicated work.​ ​

To produce this new robot, we strived to integrate the massive amount of feedback from a year of tests and demonstrations with our previous model.

This was undoubtedly an extensive work and could, at times, seem discouraging. But when those time came, the interested glances of some of our colleagues to the robot in preparation were reminding us of the reach of our project and motivating us to achieve our goal.

We are really pleased that we could release this new model in only one year and from the reactions of the public to it, and we are now ready to face the next challenges coming ahead!

Yoga class

【Message by French Engineer】
There is no gentler way to start your day of work than a morning yoga class with colleagues.​ ​
Before booting your PC, stretch your body and catch a good breath, getting in perfect shape for the day. Clear your mind, chant ohm with the group, feel the sounds vibration through your body. Followed by a freshly ground and brewed coffee, you're fresh and ready to head off for the rest of the day.

Under the cherry blossom trees

Cherry Blossom Festival
【Message by Japanese HR】
I joined ZMP in January this year. ZMP has numerous members with varied backgrounds in areas like nationality and work experiences. Everyone has their own unique “color” and working together with everyone. I have the chance to discover everyone’s uniqueness which I find very stimulating. The time I especially felt this was when I organized the Hanami (or cherry blossom party) this spring.

Next to our office, there is a street called Harimazaka which is famous for its cherry blossoms that bloom beautifully in spring. Many people in the city come to see this one-of-a-kind view. ZMP annually hosts a cherry blossom party where members and guests sit together under the trees to watch the flowers in full bloom, while they drink and eat. Since this event is traditionally organized by the newcomers, I also had the chance to take part in its preparation. When we held a meeting with the organizing committee, there were many interesting questions and comments:

“Let’s take into consideration people with different religious backgrounds, when we order food”​ ​
“What exactly is a hanami?”​ ​
And various questions and opinions came out.

Working together with team members with different cultural backgrounds is an everyday norm here and I realized then and there how important it is to discuss together with everyone. Organizing an event in a diversity-rich environment needs careful planning to accommodate everyone and I was thankful to have a group which could see things from different angles.​ ​

Another issue in organizing was timing. It is crucial to find the right timing for organizing this event because the flowers are only in bloom for very few days. This year, due to the weather conditions, the forecast for the blooming date was particularly early. We had already sent an invitation to everyone, including the guests, about the date but there were speculations that this date was too late. A weekend before the actual day, we received a comment from our CEO. “Let’s remember that we are a flexible company that adapts to its changing times” This helped us to decide to hold the event earlier than planned.

​ ​And it was a complete success! On the day of the event, the flowers were in full bloom, and the weather conditions were perfect. We received comments from people saying, “It was one of the best cherry blossom parties I have ever been to”. Watching the breath-taking view and everyone having so much fun I said to myself, “ I want to work hard to make a working environment where I can see more happy faces like these”.​ ​

I enjoy working here

【Message by Japanese New Business Development】
My days after changing job from a large Japanese enterprise to ZMP has been full of astonishments and discoveries, and before realising it, six months have already passed.
One impressive thing about this workplace is that motivation is valued. We often hear conversations like;

“This project is motivating!”
​ ​or “I think his/her strength will be most valued in this kind of challenge.”

This must be a value that energizes this company. This must be why everybody is so motivated to tackle the difficult challenge.

I also wanted to work with people from many other countries, but it was a happy surprise to find a place where I could work with colleagues from 18 different countries every day in the middle of Tokyo!​ ​

People of different generations from various countries all working together to accomplish their common goal, this is a very stimulating and splendid scene. Someone proposes something in Japanese, and someone responds in English while others discuss the topic in French. Still, the discussion proceeds and wonderful ideas emerge from this chaos. At lunchtime the conversation is about the exotic and delicious foods of everyone’s homeland.

My friends from my former work often tell me that I look very energized and happy at my new job and I agree with them.

I enjoy working here, and I say it from the bottom of my heart.

U-turn mode

【Message by Lithuanian Engineer】


Majority of our customers use the CarriRo in a "Karugamo" mode, where the CarriRo follows the operator around the warehouse. And one of the most requested features was the ability to turn around at the end of a narrow corridor, as shown below.

 u-turn carriro

For the CarriRo to be able to "see" the operator, the operator needs to be at least 50 cm in front of the CarriRo. There is also a limit on the view angle as well as the smallest turning radius. Because of these constraints, the feature was very difficult to realize.


While it is not always possible to implement the features exactly as requested, by thinking out-of- the- box, we can deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

Receiving Thankful Messages from Clients

【Message by Japanese Sales】
March is a particularly busy period for us at sales. This is because in Japan, many of the clients close their business year in March.

There was one project, which was completed in March, where we did some driving tests (called RoboTest) abroad.​ ​
This project was quite a challenge given the project was for a short period of time. The sales team put their heads together with the engineers to figure out how they can gather the necessary data within this time frame.

We decided to construct our own measuring system to take abroad. Using this system, we had a team of engineers who went out, gathered the driving data. Despite challenges, they were able to execute their tasks on time thanks to the system we developed and the know-hows of utilizing it.​ ​

I recently went to meet with the clients to conclude the project. They said, “To be honest, we thought we would be turned down because of how demanding the project was.
We greatly appreciate the results you have given us. Thank you”. Hearing those words I felt proud to have been part of it. From this project I once again felt that meeting client demands and impressing them with even higher quality work entails a thorough understanding of the risks involved and finding ways to manage them: A “real” challenge.​ ​​ ​

I am truly thankful for the great team of engineers and test drivers and hope to continue finding ways to go beyond our clients demands.​ ​