What's going on at ZMP

Important field test has started for RoboCar and Robocar Walk in Tokyo!

We had a departure ceremony on 20th to start the world-first MaaS demonstration experiment using Autonomous Taxi and Autonomous personal mobility, Robocar Walk.
Media people, including Vietnam, Brazil, France, and Germany came together for taking pictures of RoboCar and Robocar Walk in Marunouchi Park Building.
It was a big success with approximately 50 media companies, 70 people in total.

Greetings from the top of ZMP Vietnam

I believe in fate and destiny. We meet someone sometimes for a reason.
I also believe everyone has potential and capacity to become great.
If you believe your fate to be here with us and your goal is to create a joyful and convenient lifestyle by Robot technology,​ ​
ZMP is a place for you.
Let's enjoy ZMP journey, become great together.

We joined ”mamachariGP2020”@Fuji Speed way!

The other day, we participated in the Mama Chari Grand Prix 2020 for the first time in ZMP history. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, we made 34 laps on a circuit of 5 km per lap. We are very happy and excited with the final result of 126th position (out of 736).

Clean up and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! In ZMP, we cleaned up all the rooms and had a great year end party.
Our message for 2020 is "Robot Life". Let's go for it together!

Good bye Vietnamese interns

Some internship members from Vietnam went back to vietnam. ZMP Tokyo and Vienam are working together and growing up hand in hand !

Research and Development

One of the funs for engineers are research and development. Every single day, they are working on those things in and out of office.I would like to share the message from our engineer.

Message: Engineer from Shanghai
I have enthusiasm in technology. It is an exciting journey for me working as a research and development engineer in ZMP. There are many chances to play with the cutting edge technologies and advanced products, e.g. new platform, industry cameras from one of GPU companies. In the picture, a LiDAR company is demonstrating their latest product in front of the office. From the perspective of algorithm and software, we keep up with the state-of-art technologies, inviting professors for tech talk, sharing knowledge of advances in seminar. I do appreciate it that the company provides flexible environment and encourages the engineers to keep updated with the latest technology in robotics.

Beautiful Autumn has come

Autumn foilage around office
ZMP’s head office is located in an area called Koishikawa in Tokyo. Although the company deals with cutting edge technologies, the office is situated in a place that’s actually full of nature. There are botanical gardens and there’s a feeling of autumn in the air.
Having this environment helps me feel refreshed even when things get busy around in the office.​ ​
After beautiful autumn, cold winter season will come soon. Please take care your health!

"Hey! You just appeared on TV!"

“After work, I sweat in sports.”
「Message by Taiwanese Engineer」

A few months after the ZMP World 2019. I surprisingly received a message from my friends back in hometown and said "Hey! You just appeared on my TV!".​ ​
When I decided to depart from my home country Taiwan to Japan, I haven't expected to be able to raise the visibility of Taiwan by my professional skills in this way.
The most important step to build a mobile robot is to let the robot know where it is. The SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology that I am responsible for is an important technology behind this task.
The work at ZMP is very fascinating. This job not only allows me to develop deeply in my professional filed but also lets me have chances to solve various challenges for the robot with colleagues.​ ​​ ​
ZMP has a flat organization structure, which allows us to discuss and implement ideas with team leader easily. What would be better to have this freedom for engineers? If you also passion for robot development, please consider joining us and start the stunning robot development journey together.

Video URL:

The 4th ESCI Award Trophy has arrived from APEC!

The world's first Autonomous Driving taxi service trials conducted last summer won the Silver Award in the "Smart​ ​
Transport Category" of the 4th ESCI Best Practice Award by ESCI of APEC.
Until now there have been no Japanese awards in this category, and in all 5 categories of the 4th Award, this demonstration is the only one to receive price from Japan.

ZMP causes logistics revolution in Japan!

On November 5th and 6th, introduction briefing session of logistics support robot CarriRo® was held.
At this Tokyo venue, a demonstration of cooperation between the unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork and the new CarriRo® AD+ was demonstrated.
We had lively discussions with visitors while using the actual machine!
It is necessary to consider further development and support construction according to customer needs, and hope to contribute to labor saving in the field in Japan!

ZMP Futsal Tournament

The other day monthly Futsal tournament was held!
The team consisted of members which I usually dont have a chance to work with at the company and through this event I was able to grow and deepen news friendships.
It was a long autumn night and the match lasted for 2 hours & we all had fun time.


「Message by Japanese HR」
The other day, ZMP Annual Family BBQ was held right in the middle of the city.​ ​
We were blessed with fine weather. It was a luxurious time surrounded with smiles and lots of delicious food from ZMP members, families and friends. Indeed a perfect BBQ!!

Doctors from Taiwan visited us

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】
During the ZMP World which was held in July,​ ​
few Taiwan TV crew visited us​ ​
and the other day, about 20 hospital​ ​
staffs from Taiwan visited ZMP.

The doctors were intrigued with our various robots.​ ​
They commented that "They are​ ​
working on to make the use of AI in hospital.”

I hope ZMP debut in Taiwan may not be so far.

More Fun at ZMP!!

【Message by Japanese HR】
Who wouldn’t like some fun at work?? “Fun Space” is the fun zone for ZMP members to have more fun and relax at work.

Many games are already in our store and this time we introduced Darts to our game list.

Everyone play together at lunchtime and during their break.​ ​
It is a great way to enhance interpersonal relationships, communications and bonding.

Aiming to create an exciting workplace for everyone, each day we are planning what new can be introduced.

On September 12th, we will hold a company intro session for new and experienced graduates! Visit us if
-You want to bring more fun to Fun Space
-You want to get a glimpse of ZMP!
-You want to work at ZMP!

6th Company intro session

Students from Tsinghua University visited ZMP World 2019

【Message by Japanese Sales】
Eight graduate students from Department of Automation, Tsinghua University visited ZMP World 2019 and talked about the future of automation.

They attended the ZMP product experience and the lecture of a representative of a Chinese electric bus manufacturer and exchanged their views with Taniguchi, CEO of ZMP.

Students commented- "We find that the productions of ZMP are designed in order to meet the needs of society, and there are many details that are designed from the user's perspective. It really impressed us a lot."

Thank you for joining ZMP World 2019

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】
We have been working on ZMP World 2019 preparations for the past several months​ ​
and when the event ran successfully, it made us feel that our hard work paid off.​ ​

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone visited us this year.

Special thanks to the companies who cooperated,​ ​
speakers, and everyone who supported to make this​ ​
event a huge success.

During this annual event, we deliver about our company activities over a year​ ​
and it is very special for us.

We do look at your comments when wrapping up this year’s event and planning for next year.​ ​
We will do our best for the coming year.​ ​
Please look forward to the future ZMP events!!

We hold ZMP company briefing session!

【Message by Japanese Sales】
We need more more young people with strong aspirations and ideas to
create new services to change the world.

We regularly hold company intro sessions for new and experienced graduates (Those who graduated in last three years).

This was the second company intro session which was carried out perfectly after the succesfully completed first company intro session.​ ​

During the session our General Manager explained about the latest Autonomous Driving technologies , the business and services of​
ZMP and demonstrated our Autonomous Driving robots to the participants.

If you are a recent or experienced grad, welcome to the next company intro session on June 25th (Tuesday).

10 years of gratitude

【Message by Japanese Admin】
Even though ZMP was established in 2001, we moved to the present Sumitomo Fudosan Koishikawa Building in June 2009.

As we celebrate our 10th year here, we took this opportunity to thank our support staff who shows consistently outstanding job performance since 2009.​ ​
Our CEO Hisashi Taniguchi presented her letter of thanks, bouquet, and a gift to express gratitude.

She was surprised seeing all the ZMP members gathered to thank her. Even though she was shy, she was impressive with a wonderful smile and a very happy appearance!

We shouldn’t forget those who are working hard in supporting us to make our work to run smoothly and efficiently.

ZMP inspires elementary school girl to make a cardboard Carriro Deli for her school project.

【Message by Brazilian Engineer】
I participated at the "Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama", and while I was presenting to several bystenders, this little girl and her mom approach Carriro Deli with a huge smile on their face.
The mom quickly tells me that the girl came to the event just to meet our delivery robot. I, surprised, ask her why and she answers that her daughter made a cardboard version of Carriro Deli for her school project, and proceeds to show me the picture.
It made my day, because at that moment I knew that ZMP is already inspiring people without even knowing it.
We are here to change the world, and for the better. Join us in this amazing journey of making "robot of everything!"

Young and energetic students at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama”

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】
Young and energetic students visited the “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama” held from May 22nd to 24th.

They are the students of University of Tsukuba : Junior High School at Komaba.
As a part of their curriculum they visited for the application of coverage on autonomous driving and robotic technology by students alone,​ ​
and they were interested in asking questions about various issues related to autonomous driving.

It would be nice if young people could convey the fun and rewards of their work in this field!

We look forward to seeing you!

【Message by Japanese Sales】
ZMP participates in "Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama".

Thankyou for visiting our booth and making this a great success!!
We are here to introduce our new products and services.Those who are yet to drop in , today is the final day so please come and visit us !

We are waiting for you at Booth No: 133!

Junior high school students visit!​ ​

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】
Three students from Okazaki Junior High School under Aichi University of Education from Aichi Prefecture visited ZMP! At Okazaki Junior High School, there is a learning curriculum in which each student has to research for two years regarding the problems they discovered in their daily lives, and one of them has researched on “Autonomous driving” and the research results were presented at the ZMP office! The junior high school students who presented imposingly in front of many engineers were also curious about the employees who are developing autonomous driving technology! The honest opinions and interesting questions from the new viewpoint were very valuable for us to create the unforeseeable future.

"Get to know ZMPeople" Company Intro Session

【Message by Japanese HR】
On May 28th (Tue), we will hold a company introduction session exclusively for new graduates and graduates passed out in last 3 years.
We gather from around 30 countries and are working together to make things happen.
You don’t need to have experience in this field, you can just walk in If you like robots, or if you want to work using robot technology.
Let's change the world together!

Annual event ZMP World 2019 Reservation is open!

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】
We are gearing up for “ZMP World”, the annual event of ZMP.
We announce new products and services every year.

This once in a year event is packed with the essence of ZMP.

This year it is extended to four days and we have many of​ ​
​ ​our products to announce.

Do not miss this opportunity to experience our products!
RoboTest solution

ZMP "Dojo"

【Message by Russian Engineer】
In April we started a series of lectures inside the company called ZMP Dojo (training hall).​ ​
We have a lot of newcomers, and it's important to keep developers overall level high.
The first talk was about basic multi-threading practices based on C++ examples, that are used in everyday work. We had about 30 people attending.​ ​
It was short and only for 20 minutes, but I hope everyone could gain something from it.
Currently the feedback is gathered to improve the next Dojo event!

ZMP Cherry blossom party​ ​

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
We annually hosts a cherry blossom party during the beautiful spring season.

This year, we had invited many guests and the party was a big success.
Every year the scale is growing and I realize that our company is growing year by year.

Lets get together next year under the cherry blossoms to enjoy the beautiful view!

Welcome party!

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
Today we welcomed our new fellow with a welcome party.

We, ZMP is unique where we can eat, drink, laugh and talk joyfully with members​ ​
gathered from all over the world.

Let's develop the world together! Cheers!

Press briefing of Autonomous delivery service demonstration experiment by Delivery robot "CarriRo Deli"

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】

We held a press briefing session of the Autonomous delivery service demonstration experiment by the Delivery robot CarriRo Deli! It is the first time in the world to Autonomously deliver convenience store products by a delivery robot.All those from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus who performed the service were pleased and felt very happy.
This service demonstration video "Delivery Robot CarriRo Deli | Convenience store delivery x Campus life" is released on YouTube!​ ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI0l3ySnAiA

If you would like to be a part of the development of our new robots, let’s work together to create a new and exciting future!

​ ​Spring is just around the Corner​ ​

【Message by Japanese HR】
ZMP’s head office is located in an area called Koishikawa in Tokyo. Although the company deals with state-of-the-art technology, the office is situated in a place that’s actually full of nature. There are botanical gardens and cherry blossom trees around it and lately, there’s a feeling of spring in the air.
Having this environment helps me feel refreshed even when things get busy around in the office.​ ​
I’m looking forward to the cherry blossom season that’s just around the corner!​ ​

Homepage renewal

【Message by Japanese Marketing​】

The marketing team aka Robociting (Robotics x exciting!) has renewed the company section of the homepage!​ ​
We made this change after discussing in depth with each other about how to express the company’s characteristics and uniqueness.

Here’s the new version!

At ZMP, we have members coming from more than 30 nations working together to develop autonomous driving vehicles, logistics support robot and autonomous delivery robot.
We’re also looking for new members who can join us in new projects and current ones where we utilize our robotics and autonomous driving technology.
You can check out our Careers Section if you’re interested in applying.
The Message from our CEO’s been updated too!​ ​

Newspaper Project Interview

【Message by Japanese HR】
Last year in November, we pushed an article called “Newspaper Project Interview from an Elementary School Student”. Did you have a chance to check it out? We received the newspaper the other day, containing the article the student wrote.
The article contained many detailed explanations on the autonomous driving taxi and it made me feel like we were working together to make this big dream come true.​
Autonomous driving technology is a very hot topic nowadays but we want to work hard to make this something which will improve the lives of many in society.​ ​
Thank you again for writing such a wonderful article and we hope you keep rooting for us!​ ​

We had a Collab TechNight!​ ​

【Message by Japanese HR】
We held our first collaboration event with Fixstars and LPixel this Tuesday! As key players in the high tech industry, it was also a great opportunity for us to spend time with not only the participants but also with the collaborating companies. I also loved how colorful the office was at Fixstars.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, FixStars and LPixel!​ ​

Exciting project at airports!​ ​

【Message by Japanese Sales】
We are participating in the demonstration experiment in restricted areas of airports, which is the first effort of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As ZMP, two experiments were conducted at Narita International Airport so far, and in March we are also planning experiments at the Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Autonomous driving in the airport is a new field and is a new challenge for us.
We will keep working together with engineers to successfully complete the experiment next March!

Salesman in suit ?​ ​

【Message by Japanese Sales】
For customers with various problems,I do my best to demonstrate and explain ZMP’s products.....

sometimes like this!

It’s not something we do everyday but at sales, we actively use actual products with examples of real users, to introduce new ideas and make suggestions to our clients.

By utilizing automatic driving and autonomous mobile technology, we want to create new added value to society and that’s what pushes me to work hard everyday!​ ​

CarriRo Deli Testing at Keio Univeristy

【Message by Japanese Marketing】
We’ve finally started demonstration testing of our autonomous delivery robot, CarriRo Deli, this week at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University.

University students, faculty and staff can order goods to be delivered from a convenient store by specifying delivery time and place using a smartphone application.
I also tried out the delivery service and when I saw CarriRo Deli going off to deliver items, I felt like a parent sending off his child to school.

With lots of love and care from customers, I do hope CarriRo Deli will keep growing!​ ​

Automotive World

【Message by Japanese HR】
We’ve been exhibiting at Autonomous Driving Technology Expo at the Automotive World held at Tokyo Big Sight from 16th to 18th January.

Our booth so far has been a great success.
The effectiveness of the demonstration experiment of the autonomous driving taxi last year has attracted many people who are interested in autonomous operation technology of ZMP.
Thank you very much for coming!

Today is our final day and the booth, like other days, is a lively place where various questions have been fluttering between our members and visitors interested in our industry and also those from overseas who are looking into it.The exhibition of the latest Robocar SUV in the booth is attracting a lot of media attention too.

Despite it being on weekdays, the overwhelming number of visitors to our booth made me realize again how much the technology of our company has been drawing attention.
I hope to continue to appeal the technical capabilities of ZMP. The event is close to finish by we’ll keep on doing our best to let others know!​ ​

We went Live on National TV!​ ​

【Message by Japanese Engineer】
We have done a lot of autonomous driving so far, but since it was the first time for us to broadcast live on the national channel, there was a distinctive tense feeling.
In the end, I was really happy to be able to showcase to the viewers about how far we have come in our development.
I want to keep working hard to make autonomous driving a safe and convenient technology for everyone.
We’re getting ready for the next one, so do stay tuned!