What's going on at ZMP

Yoga class


【Message by French Engineer】

There is no gentler way to start your day of work than a morning yoga class with colleagues.​ ​
Before booting your PC, stretch your body and catch a good breath, getting in perfect shape for the day. Clear your mind, chant ohm with the group, feel the sounds vibration through your body. Followed by a freshly ground and brewed coffee, you're fresh and ready to head off for the rest of the day.

Under the cherry blossom trees

Cherry Blossom Festival

【Message by Japanese HR】

I joined ZMP in January this year. ZMP has numerous members with varied backgrounds in areas like nationality and work experiences. Everyone has their own unique “color” and working together with everyone. I have the chance to discover everyone’s uniqueness which I find very stimulating. The time I especially felt this was when I organized the Hanami (or cherry blossom party) this spring.
Next to our office, there is a street called Harimazaka which is famous for its cherry blossoms that bloom beautifully in spring. Many people in the city come to see this one-of-a-kind view. ZMP annually hosts a cherry blossom party where members and guests sit together under the trees to watch the flowers in full bloom, while they drink and eat. Since this event is traditionally organized by the newcomers, I also had the chance to take part in its preparation. When we held a meeting with the organizing committee, there were many interesting questions and comments:
“Let’s take into consideration people with different religious backgrounds, when we order food”​ ​
“What exactly is a hanami?”​ ​
And various questions and opinions came out.
Working together with team members with different cultural backgrounds is an everyday norm here and I realized then and there how important it is to discuss together with everyone. Organizing an event in a diversity-rich environment needs careful planning to accommodate everyone and I was thankful to have a group which could see things from different angles.​ ​
Another issue in organizing was timing. It is crucial to find the right timing for organizing this event because the flowers are only in bloom for very few days. This year, due to the weather conditions, the forecast for the blooming date was particularly early. We had already sent an invitation to everyone, including the guests, about the date but there were speculations that this date was too late. A weekend before the actual day, we received a comment from our CEO. “Let’s remember that we are a flexible company that adapts to its changing times” This helped us to decide to hold the event earlier than planned.
​ ​And it was a complete success! On the day of the event, the flowers were in full bloom, and the weather conditions were perfect. We received comments from people saying, “It was one of the best cherry blossom parties I have ever been to”. Watching the breath-taking view and everyone having so much fun I said to myself, “ I want to work hard to make a working environment where I can see more happy faces like these”.​ ​

I enjoy working here

【Message by Japanese New Business Development】

My days after changing job from a large Japanese enterprise to ZMP has been full of astonishments and discoveries, and before realising it, six months have already passed.
One impressive thing about this workplace is that motivation is valued. We often hear conversations like;
“This project is motivating!”
​ ​or “I think his/her strength will be most valued in this kind of challenge.”
This must be a value that energizes this company. This must be why everybody is so motivated to tackle the difficult challenge.
I also wanted to work with people from many other countries, but it was a happy surprise to find a place where I could work with colleagues from 18 different countries every day in the middle of Tokyo! People of different generations from various countries all working together to accomplish their common goal, this is a very stimulating and splendid scene. Someone proposes something in Japanese, and someone responds in English while others discuss the topic in French. Still, the discussion proceeds and wonderful ideas emerge from this chaos. At lunchtime the conversation is about the exotic and delicious foods of everyone’s homeland.
My friends from my former work often tell me that I look very energized and happy at my new job and I agree with them.
I enjoy working here, and I say it from the bottom of my heart.

U-turn mode


【Message by Lithuanian Engineer】


Majority of our customers use the CarriRo in a "Karugamo" mode, where the CarriRo follows the operator around the warehouse. And one of the most requested features was the ability to turn around at the end of a narrow corridor, as shown below.

 u-turn carriro

For the CarriRo to be able to "see" the operator, the operator needs to be at least 50 cm in front of the CarriRo. There is also a limit on the view angle as well as the smallest turning radius. Because of these constraints, the feature was very difficult to realize.


While it is not always possible to implement the features exactly as requested, by thinking out-of- the- box, we can deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

Receiving Thankful Messages from Clients


【Message by Japanese Sales】

March is a particularly busy period for us at sales. This is because in Japan, many of the clients close their business year in March.

There was one project, which was completed in March, where we did some driving tests (called RoboTest) abroad.​ ​
This project was quite a challenge given the project was for a short period of time. The sales team put their heads together with the engineers to figure out how they can gather the necessary data within this time frame.
We decided to construct our own measuring system to take abroad. Using this system, we had a team of engineers who went out, gathered the driving data. Despite challenges, they were able to execute their tasks on time thanks to the system we developed and the know-hows of utilizing it.​ ​

I recently went to meet with the clients to conclude the project. They said, “To be honest, we thought we would be turned down because of how demanding the project was.
We greatly appreciate the results you have given us. Thank you”. Hearing those words I felt proud to have been part of it. From this project I once again felt that meeting client demands and impressing them with even higher quality work entails a thorough understanding of the risks involved and finding ways to manage them: A “real” challenge.​ ​​ ​

I am truly thankful for the great team of engineers and test drivers and hope to continue finding ways to go beyond our clients demands.​ ​