Message from Aerosense leader

【Message by Aerosense COO】

Infrastructure, like architecture, construction, energy, telecommunication, logistics, is one of the oldest industries which makes up the foundation our daily lives.Since serving mankind is the origin of business and this industry is particularly significant for its role in society. One of the most pressing issues which this industry is facing today, is the lack of human resources. It is becoming an urgent matter to figure out how we can maintain,manage and improve the infrastructure system we have built over the years, both effectively and efficiently. Many of those who worked to manage the system have retired or about to retire. At the same time, many young people are choosing to go in to the ever-growing IT industry. People are concerned about how to keep the know-hows which have been taught over time alive.

We at Aerosense may not necessarily be the answer in solving all of these issues. However, Aerosense can provide a way to solve which cannot be done by humans. Man cannot fly, but it can fly machines,to do the flying and these machines not only fly but can also see, measure and even carry objects. By utilizing this technology, we believe it is possible to maintain,manage and improve the enormous network of infrastructure.​ ​

Aerosense aims to solve issues we all share by handling machines at a high-mentional level. We want to create a future where humans and machines can coexist in such a way. This mission means giving intelligence to machines and expanding the frontiers of humankind. Man cannot live in space but machines can. If machines can take up the role of managing infrastructure, this will dramatically alter man’s limit of mobility. If man can expand its scope of activities, this will allow more individuals to play an active part in society, which will in turn allow the future generation (our children) to live and work well.​ ​

What do you say to make a world like this together? For the future of mankind.​ ​