Message from Autonomous Driving Leader

【Message by Japanese Engineer】

Hello!​ ​
I was formerly an embedded engineer but joined ZMP with a wish to handle moving objects that impact our everyday lives, rather than software that exist just on the internet.​ ​

At ZMP I have worked to create robots and also make autonomous vehicles run! I have been able to write very interesting programs.​ ​
I am currently working on project planning and management but I still truly treasure moments when I actually see our product moving as an engineer.​ ​

I initially chose to work here because I simply wanted to do what I liked. I realize now that society in recent years has caught up with our vision and what we do has a large impact on society.​ ​

In our team, we have many members in different fields.
I like reading academic papers and putting them into action
If there is a new sensor or device, I enjoy brainstorming ways to make it work on a vehicle.
I write high-quality code and get the urge to share it with others​ ​
I’m happy to know I am at the frontiers​ ​
If that sounds like you, I think you can enjoy working at ZMP.

【Message by Dutch engineer】

Applying theory to a self driving car!
Rather than just focusing on theory, it is important to realize how this theory can be applied to real world applications.
At ZMP we bring practice and theory together, where you get the opportunity to take your idea to the public road and test how well your theories can be applied when we run it on an actual self driving car! Working here allows you to learn more about deploying robotics in the real world and the challenges that come with it. We hope that more engineers will join ZMP that are interested in both the practical and the theoretical part of applying robotics.

【Message by Egyptian engineer】

I joined ZMP in the beginning of 2015, What I can say about my life in ZMP is:
- Working hard to make it simple
Simple things are sometimes more difficult than complicated things, ZMP also focuses on how to simplify and think like this.

- Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes ZMP.
- As we say "It takes two flints to make a fire." I always say "It takes Our ZMP AD-Team to make a self driving car."
- Leaders are always there for everyone
No matter the technology. What's important is that our leaders have a faith in us, that we're basically good and smart, and with the right tools and enough support, we'll do wonderful things with them.

I am looking for a computer engineer who like to solve difficult problems, and who can make the work simple.
If you are interested to join us, just make them call us on this number:
​​phone: Z.(M²+85)+(P²+24).(M²+P²)+(M*10+P*10+158)
​​Giving: Z=03, M=43, P=62

【Message by French Engineer】

What I like in ZMP is that the company is working on new technologies with a strong commitment in solving society issues and making them accessible to everybody. Also, 2 years ago ZMP engaged itself in the campaign: "Ban killer robots" and pledged that it will never develop killer robots.

Most of the ZMP engineers have the opportunity to take part in all phases of the project realization, from design, implementation to verification. As an engineer, I think that being able to see the result of our efforts in products interacting with the society is one of the most rewarding experience.

We need more software engineers willing to make things come true in ZMP in the field of Mobile robotics, bringing the cutting edge technologies from laboratories to public roads. Especially, engineers motivated to work on topics such as innovative algorithms development, machine learning, source code optimization and source code reliability.​ ​

【Message by Japanese Engineer】

Our team is constantly working hard to make autonomous taxis come true in few years.
If you want to: ・change the world​ ​
・challenge yourself at the forefront of new technology
・engage in all phases from research to product development
Now is your chance! Let’s make autonomous driving a reality.​ ​
We are still open to many new members and I look forward to receiving applications from you.

【Message by Japanese Engineer】

ZMP is a place where you can expand your field in both what you specialize and other applied fields, where there are opportunities to challenge for those who seek for it.
Because we are expected to output work which is higher in quality, there is constant demand to update one’s skills and ways in which we execute it​ ​
I believe it is a perfect place for someone who is intellectually curious and is able to work proactively.
in addition, there are many engineers from diverse fields of expertise who contribute to the research and development of our autonomous driving system. They do so by expressing their own unique qualities but also striving to work hand in hand with others.​ ​
By discussing on a day-to-day basis with other members who are full of knowledge in their specialized field, leadership and humor, it helps me challenge myself and also leave significant results which cannot be accomplished alone.

We would love to work with someone who is resilient and flexible and is highly skilled in her or his specialized field.
In a field of robotics where there is constant change, we want to create products which are truly useful for society, in our exciting workplace.​ ​