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ZMP is not just a company that researches robots.
Why dont you create services that never existed in the world with our robots?
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Earlier, the hardware robot were imported from overseas and software is modified for Japan, which made our life easier and fun filled. But, now on there are good chance to create the pioneering robots, which are designed and developed in Japan and offer the services and solutions to the world.

ZMP can do that.

On a new hardware platform called a robot, a service that can change the world may be born depending on new ideas.

Why not join ZMP and create services to offer them world wide?

We are looking for members who are active in the IT industry to further expand the IT services linked with robots!

ZMP headquarted in Tokyo has members from 30 countries around the world.

ZMP Robot Life is not only for Japan but for the entire world.
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We are waiting for you!

About ZMP robots

Low speed Autonomous Driving robot 3 brothers
Home delivery robot DeliRo, single-seater robot RakuRo, security robot PATORO

The low-speed Autonomous Driving robot series 3 brothers are finally delivered to you.

DeliRo, a home delivery robot that creates new lifestyles such as solving the last mile issue of logistics and supporting daily shopping, is a completely new mobile partner that has never existed before, and users can easily go to destination with the provided tablet. RakuRo (Racro), a single-seat robot capable of traveling on public roads (sidewalks) for the first time in Japan that can safely autonomously move to the destination by simply specifying, camera image monitoring and recording, noise and abnormal sound detection, warning, fire detection With the functions necessary for surrounding monitoring and patrol security, etc., it can be expected to be utilized for building management, facility management, patrol of the area, etc.RoboRo is a state-of-the-art new idea unique to ZMP This product is packed with the technology of.

RakuRo, which successfully completed the demonstration test in Marunouchi in January 2020, can move around while enjoying the scenery like a rickshaw without having to drive.

Some local governments are already considering using it for tourist information, and the market is expected to rapidly expand to hundreds of thousands and millions.

Leader message movie

This is a video message from the Robo Life Division Manager promoting the commercialization of three low-speed Autonomous Driving robots (delivery robot DeliRo, single-seater robot RakuRo, security robot PATORO). Please take a look!

Message from business manager

Message from General Manager

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Interview with the business manager:
Interview with General Manager:
Details of three low-speed Autonomous Driving robots:

Logistics support robot CarriRo®

The logistics support robot CarriRo® has been mass-produced since 2016 and has been installed in warehouses and factories.
The sales are rapidly growing year by year, and contributing to logistics efficiency.
In the recent logistics industry, it has been widely recognized as a red bogie robot.

At the end of last year, we announced an unmanned forklift and will begin to ship from March.

We have started an IT service to provide logistics solutions to the logistics robots, which are used by more than 150 companies in Japan, by sharing information such as travel positions and operating rates.
Interview with the business manager:
Logistics support robot CarriRo Details:

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Single-seater robot
Logistics support robot
Delivery Robot
Security robot