Part-time engineer, business assistant, event member

~ Would you like to work at ZMP using your talent? ~
ZMP is looking for part-time members who are interested in business activities such as engineering, new business, marketing and events in the fields of robotics, autonomous driving and AI.

Especially for engineering work, it is possible to engage in actual development work using your background knowledge of science you are learning from science vocational schools or doing bachelor’s / master's / doctoral degree or studying science abroad. In business activities, we will introduce to the society new businesses and services that will change the world, thus while participating in marketing and event activities, you can engage in actual work at a growing start-up company and gain diverse experience.

Anyone who has made their own robots and IoT devicesby now or are capable of building algorithms and autonomous control programs with software is welcomed. Also, if you want to be involved in a business or service that will change the world as a part-time member, please apply.

At ZMP, members from about 30 countries and regions around the world work, and we work based on communication in English. Therefore, there are many people who are not good at Japanese or cannot speak. Of course, even if you are not good at English at the moment, as long as you are motivated, there is no problem.

We are also actively promoting part-time members to full-time employees.