Part-time Software engineer, Test engineer,​ ​Technician

~ Why don't you use your talent at ZMP? ~
ZMP is looking for part-time members who can help with technological development in the fields of robotics, Autonomous Driving and AI.

Students doing research in the fields of AI, Autonomous Driving, and the robot who is capable to develop robots and IoT devices or can build algorithms and autonomous control programs with the software are welcome.

You can engage in actual development work while taking advantage of your academic backgrounds, such as those who are taking science vocational schools, undergraduates/masters, doctoral courses, and International students.

In ZMP, about 60% of engineers are foreigners and are gathered from 30 countries around the world. Hence, needn’t worry if you aren’t good at Japanese as English is the mode of communication.

We are also actively recruiting regular employees from part-time employees, which may be helpful when selecting ZMP as a future workplace.

Please refer to the link below for application guidelines.

Application Requirements