Engineer department

Job Title

Software engineer (part-time job)

Job Summary


With our mission “Robot of Everything Frees the movement of people and things and creates a fun and convenient lifestyle”

We are a company that develops self-Autonomous Driving cars, logistics robots, home delivery robots, as well as Autonomous Driving of agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

Logistics robots and home delivery robots are developed and manufactured as a whole, including the exterior and design, but automobiles, agricultural machinery, and

Regarding construction machinery, we specialize in developing software and hardware necessary for Autonomous Driving.

For example, we are engaged in the following development.
・ Self-Autonomous Driving platform, motion sensor, Image Recognition module, automobile measurement, development tools, etc.
Application development of development products
・ Development of algorithms such as feature extraction and object tracking for recognizing the environment outside the vehicle such as "people, vehicles, and traffic lights" related to Autonomous Driving.
・ Required for development of autonomous Autonomous Driving related systems, control of various autonomous mobile systems, sensor fusion projects, etc.
Software design, algorithm implementation
・ Development of software for organizing and editing 3D sensor data, image data, etc., and development of high-precision maps for Autonomous Driving


If you are a science and engineering student who is interested in the above development, why not work part-time in software development?





5-41-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Sumitomo Real Estate Koishikawa Building

In addition to the lab / verification site, we also plan to work outdoors.


Working Hours Negotiable


Complete weekly two-day system, 120 days of annual holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays

*Depends on the contract details


Salary Negotiable


・ Those who have programming experience in C or C ++

・ Those who are taking science and engineering vocational schools, faculties, master's programs, doctoral programs, etc.

・ Communication skills in Japanese or English


[Image of desired human resources]

・ Those who are motivated to grow

・ Those with a strong spirit of challenge

・ Those who can think and act for themselves

・ Those who can play teams

・ Those who want to develop robots in the future

Can enjoy the growth stage of a Startup.


・ Since about 60% of engineers are foreign nationals, we welcome people who can communicate in English, including technical aspects.

Also, even if it is not enough at the moment, it is okay if you are motivated to improve your English. Outside, highly interested in learning Japanese
There are many engineers of nationality, and many employees have improved their language skills after joining the company through repeated communication.
・ Foreign nationals are welcome if they can communicate well in English even if they cannot speak Japanese!