On the ZMP Recruiting Privacy Policy​ ​

This policy is to let you know about how ZMP Inc. and its affiliated companies (or “We”) deal with the personal information we receive during the recruitment process. Your private information will not be used in any other way stated in this policy.

On How We Handle Your Private Information​ ​

1. We assure safe and appropriate management of personal information we receive.​ ​
2. ZMP will not disclose, lease or transfer a candidate’s personal information without the candidate’s express prior approval. However personal information will be released to the Public office (upon their request), or for protection of ZMP’s rights and assets or when the recruiting activity is to be assigned to the third party.

On Information We Get and How We Use Them​ ​

1. When we collect private information, we do this strictly according to the official government regulations on the protection of personal information, related government guidelines and our company regulations.​ ​
2. We use personal information in the following situations and reasons:
-Assessment of Qualifications
- For contacting you about the recruitment proccess.
- Management of your information during the assessment stage.
3. We do not use personal information for any reasons and situations other than what is stipulated above without the your consent .
4. We will only use the personal information provided to third parties for the situations and reasons stipulated above where the responsibility of the information handled will be with us.​ ​

On Safekeeping of Personal Information

1. ZMP will respects its own regulations and proceed with care to protect personal information provided by the candidates.
2. We understand and commit to the protection of personal information.
3. We have an internal system for the safekeeping of information where we strive to provide opportunities for enhancing employee understanding on the protection of personal information. We also take adequate action to instruct and supervise their handling of such information.​ ​​ ​​ ​
4. When there is a need to share personal information with third parties, we take careful measures to select appropriate parties and continue supervision on their use after sharing.

On Disclosure, Change and Elimination of Personal Information​ ​

1. If you request to disclose/change/eliminate your personal information during the assessment period, we will act accordingly. However, please note that not all information regarding the assessment can be disclosed to you upon request. As a general rule, the submitted hard copies of your resume/CV will not be sent back to you by mail.​ ​
2. For further enquiries on handling of your personal information, please contact the email below: zmp_recruiting@zmp.co.jp.

On the Elimination of Personal Information​ ​

1 ZMP will delete and/or dispose of candidates’ personal information upon completion of the recruiting selection.
2. In the situation of information which is shared with third parties, we will instruct the parties to discard/eliminate personal information when the purpose (stipulated above in “On Information We Get and How We Use Them“) is met.

For Future Possible Changes​ ​

If there are significant changes to “On the ZMP Recruiting Privacy Policy,“ ( or “This page”) significant revisions will be announced with clear reasons and explanations on our website.​ ​