Work at ZMP Himeji & Kyoto office

We are now Recruiting members for ZMP Himeji & Kyoto office

ZMP has nearly 20 years of history.
In 2020, we launched new branches at Himeji and Kyoto.

A new page of ZMP begins at this land with a long history and culture which attracts attention not only from Japanese but also from overseas.

Lets bring Robots into everyday life. For example:"Freedom of movement" with RakuRo.
The places has the Himeji Castle which is designated both a national treasure and a UNESCO world heritage site, the cultural assets of the ancient capital, and the management philosophy of the Omi merchants', "Sampo yoshi" will be realized.

Why dont you create services that never existed in the world with our robots?

Job openings (New graduates and Mid level careers)

● Engineer
● Field test engineer
● Corporate sales
● Marketing

Work location

●Himeji and Kyoto


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