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ZMP RoboVision 2s CarTrack package


This package consists of a stereo camera and image recognition software, it is a system that detects the vehicle ahead and measures the distance.
We have a new algorithm (VTS: Virtual Tilt Stereo * patent applied) that suppresses the influence of the inclination of the road surface and detects and tracks the leading vehicle.
ADAS · Autonomous driving technology,In order to measure the inter-vehicle distance using the camera in the technology control, it is necessary to develop an algorithm for detecting and tracking the leading vehicle, but in this system software combining both is attached.

Detection performance
The detection and tracking of vehicles up to about 70 m ahead can be processed with a maximum of 15 FPS, and the ID number, position, size, relative speed and direction of the object are output as detection results. Output can be used for external sensing and control of moving objects by linking with CAN bus and other systems.

There are two command modes (CLI mode) suitable for processing where importance is attached to speed and responsiveness, two modes of checking the operation of CarTrack package and graphical user interface (GUI mode) for reproducing,processing from the measurement image.It can be used separately as needed.

· Built-in new algorithm "VTSR (Virtual Tilt Stereo)", improved road surface detection accuracy.
. Accuracy of road surface estimated height is improved by converting acquired image to bird's eye view image and calculating distance. Improvement of separation performance between road surface and object.
· Output the object tracking result as CAN data.
· Compact processing PC included. It is available without frequent setup work.

CarTrack package product image

CarTrack package appearance
Graphical user interface
Display screen
Command line interface setting screen


RoboVision 2s CarTrack package​ ​ 180万円(税別)
(RoboVision 2s, CarTrack option, set of processing PC)

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