The Elli Show

Elli:Human Resources person

Carlo:Software Engineer

Welcome to The Elli Show.So, Tell me a little about yourself.

I’ve always loved travelling and I did all I could to find internships, scholarships and other opportunities to go abroad during by undergrad and grad years So while during my master’s I contacted all my professors, even if I had never met them, asking for any contacts for going abroad. I wanted to collect everything I could. One for the options I had was Japan.
I said, “Well I’ve never been there but it’s one of the places I’d like to visit” then finally found a scholarship and an internship.I liked the lifestyle in Tokyo, so I applied and did my PhD it here with 3 publications and more than 10 conferences.I wanted to keep on going with the research because the mathematical formula I had proved was interesting and could have big potential so I went for post doc but it was quite complicated so I asked myself what my skills were and what I could do and came up with coding and robotics. So that’s how I came here as a robotics engineer.

This was when the company’s business focused on robotics.Did you join knowing already that you were going to do autonomous driving? 

I didn’t have any work experience before joining so the opportunity in robotic spoke to me. I didn’t know I was going to do autonomous driving at the time. We were already doing autonomous moving technology but I didn’t know, I didn’t have the tools to understand what I was about to face. I was still up for the challenge I was looking for something different from before, because I was really open to do something new, more into development that I can see will be used in society.

ZMP has definitely gone through a lot over the years and in that sense it is safe to say that as a company, it has unique characteristics.

Yeah, definitely. I remember Taniguchi-san saying in one of our meetings, we used to have one every monday morning at 9,  “Venture is an adventure!”

He still actually says that when he meets the new comers, you know!So we are a Japanese start up but we also have many people coming from abroad.what I want to ask is, what is it like being here?

If you want to classify, you have the Japanese speakers in sales and interface with clients which is pretty normal. In the technological part there are many foreigners. It’s extremely international and extremely multicultural with all different kinds backgrounds... that’s exciting! You need to be someone who is capable of finding his own way through problem solving. Sometimes, it’s hard to identify what you can and need to do. Even if you are given task, you still have to understand for yourself, what problem you need to solve. Culturally speaking, you need to be very proactive and have really good critical thinking skills.
In terms of the physical environment, it’s nice, relaxed, not so stressful and not many rules in terms of things like dress code, hours that you get in and out. It’s generally still more flexible than many other Japanese companies. 

Any last words for the people who have come to visit our website?

so as I said, proactive and good critical thinking skills. These will help you fit in well. It’s also especially nice if you have an international background,since there are people coming from all around the world. This is the message to people applying.Oh and if you are willing to take leadership, you would find much more room here than in a large company.

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