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About us


MISSION Robot of Everything
To create a safe, fun and comfortable
lifestyle with robotics technology
VISION By applying a humanoid robot and RoboCar technology, into a comprehensive robot company
ORIGIN OF THE NAME The name "ZMP" comes from when the company was first started, when the focus was on bipedal walking robots. The Zero Moment Point (ZMP) plays a central role in the dynamic control and balance of humanoid robots, as the ZMP company aims to play a central role in the field of robotics as a whole.
MEANING OF THE LOGO スクリーンショット 2014-06-01 0.21.05ZMP Inc. is a jewel box clogged up with intelligence of the world.
Our intellectual curiosity wants to grow intelligence and to be a society of curiosity in existence, such as to stimulate and from the next to the next. The thought I was represented by three-dimensional cube.
The red of the corporate color expresses passion of ZMP Inc.
ESTABLISHMENT January 30, 2001
CAPITAL 1,295,795,000 YEN
HEAD OFFICE Sumitomo Fudosan Koishikawa Bldg, 5-41-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 112-0002 JAPAN [ MAP ]
1st Lab Annex Koishikawa1
2nd Lab Annex Koishikawa2
3rd Lab  Annex Shiomi
Test course Nihon Automobile College (Narita)

CarTomo Inc.※ joint venture with JVC KENWOOD Corporation

ZEG Inc.
* joint venture with Heart United Group Co. Ltd.

Aerosense, Inc.
* joint venture with Sony Communication Inc.

  • CEO Hisashi Taniguchi facebook]
  • Director Nobuko Imanishi
  • Director Akihiro Nishimura
  • Director Koji Kageyama
  • Director Harurou Kawahara
  • External director Hideki Somemiya (Sony Corporation) 
  • Full-time statutory auditor Hachiro Sato
  • Statutory auditor Keizo Tannawa
  • Statutory auditor Kazufumi Oonishi
  • Technical advisor Takeo Kanade
MAIN BANK Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Bank of Mitsuisumitomo
■ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System),
 Development and sales of automatic operation technology development
 for the platform RoboCar series and sensor system

■Development of automatic operation, etc. for mobile manufacturers,
 experiment agency industry
 (Automotive, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, 
 agricultural machinery, logistics transport equipment,
 outdoor work machine, etc.)

■Development and sale of logistics support robot CarriRo

■Universities and corporate research robots, robot teaching materials
January 30, 2001 As the world's first venture to develop a human symbiotic robot, limited company ZMP INC. Established
June 2001 Organizational changes to Corporation from limited company
September 2002 Head office relocation to Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
November 2004 Tokyo head office relocation Meguro to Aobadai
June 2009 Tokyo head office relocation Bunkyo to Koishikawa
Membership of professional institutions Car Robotics Research Committee
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan
Smart Community Alliance
Gunma University next generation EV Study Group