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ZMP Completes Financing from the Third-party Share Issuance

ZMP Completes Financing from the Third-party Share Issuance

ZMP Inc. (HQ in Bunkyo-Ku,Tokyo. Hisashi Taniguchi, President & CEO Hereunder call “ZMP”) has completed new share rights offering to the following and other investors as of June 26, 2017, and financed 1,500 Million Japanese Yen in total.

Those are ISID,Ltd(note1), Nisshinbo Holdings Inc, Rideon A-start-I Investment LLC(note2), Toppan Printing.,Ltd, Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund(note3), and Sumitomo Corporation.

(note1) Information Services International-Dentsu,Ltd (“ISID, Ltd) which was originally a joint-venture of Dentsu and General Electronic.

(note2) Corporate venture capital of RIDE ON EXPRESS Co.,Ltd.)

(note3) Private fund established jointly with Nikon, Inc and SBI Investment


Purpose of Financing

ZMP is pursuing mission for “Robot of Everything” which is converted all human driving machines to be autonomus driving tools and achieve safety, enjoyable and convinient life style.

ZMP is developing and sales ①ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System), RoboCar®series, autonomous driving system development platform and sensor system. ②moving-body manufacturer(vehicle,commercial van,construction machine, agriculture machines, logistic-transportation machines and outdoor service machines) RoboTest®, which is a data collection ③CarriRo®logistic assist machines R&D and sales.

ZMP will accelerate the above mentioned projects and research and development of passenger service by utilizing the autonoumous driving technology.


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ZMP Inc.

HQ: Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 

CEO:Hisashi Taniguchi

Established:January 2001

Business line:Solution business provider by autonomus driving development platform and Self-controlrobot technology.






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