Reservation Details
Please register to participate in ZMP World 2019.

1.To reserve pressrelease or lecture sessions
Please reserve the slots from July 23 to 26.
If you are planning to make a press release or lecture, you can also visit the product experience event ZMP Land and the 1st CarriRo EXPO, which are held simultaneously.

2. To take part in Product Experience Event at ZMP Land and 1st CarriRo EXPO only
Only for Products experience and experience of logistics support robot CarriRo at 1st CarriRo EXPO
Please reserve the slots specifying the morning and afternoon time frames.

Reservation application form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Cannot find the reservation form

A. There is a possibility that the reservation form may not be displayed due to corporate security measures.

その場合には、大変お手数でございますが、下記より予約申し込み用のエクセルファイルをダウンロードいただき、希望の日程について記入いただきZMP World 2019開催事務局(までメールにてお申込いただければと思います。

Q. After making reservation will we receive any confirmation mail ?

A. フォーム申し込み後、確認メールをZMPWorld運営事務局 <>よりお送りいたします。
Subject: Reservation completed
  送付元:ZMPWorld運営事務局 <>
Please see below for the image of the reservation completed mail.

Q. Do we need to submit anything at ZMP World reception desk ?

A. Please bring the print copy of the reservation confirmation mail which will be send to you one week before the event.
 ※ZMPWorld運営事務局 <>よりお送りいたします。