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Please register to participate in ZMP World 2019.

1.To reserve pressrelease or lecture sessions
 記者発表・講演を予約の方は、同時開催している製品体験イベントZMP Land・第1回CarriRo EXPOもそのまま来場いただけます。

2.製品体験イベント ZMP Land・第1回CarriRo EXPOのみ参加ご希望の方
 製品の体験や物流支援ロボットCarriRoの体験イベント第1回CarriRo EXPOのみ参加に際しては、

Reservation application form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Cannot find the reservation form

A. There is a possibility that the reservation form may not be displayed due to corporate security measures.

In that case, we apologize for the trouble caused.You can download the Excel file for reservation application from the following, fill in the desired schedule, and send it to the ZMP World 2019 holding secretariat ( by email.

Q. After making reservation will we receive any confirmation mail ?

A. After applying through form, the confirmation email willbe sent to you from ZMP World Management Office <>
  送付元:ZMPWorld運営事務局 <>

Q. Do we need to submit anything at ZMP World reception desk?

A. Please bring the print copy of the reservation confirmation mail which will be send to you one week before the event.
 ※ZMPWorld運営事務局 <>よりお送りいたします。