Autonomous Driving taxi sales demonstration experiment application website

Outline of implementation

Hinomaru transportation as a taxi operator and ZMP of Autonomous Driving technology will jointly perform service demonstration experiment,the world's first Autonomous Driving taxi in central Tokyo. By receiving a series of experiences such as Autonomous Driving taxi reservation, riding, and settlement using the user's own smartphone.It aims to have the user to widely bring realistic usage image of commercial service of autonomous driving taxi in the near future.After reviewing the overview and notes,Please apply from.

Date and Time (Schedule)

Monday, August 27, 2018 - Saturday, September 8,2018 * Sep 2 (Sun) excluded

(There is a possibility to cancel the operation due to the weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc. as determined by the organizer)


Route is from Otemachi Financial City Gran Cube - Roppongi Hills (about 5.3 km)


Boarding area 1: Otemachi Financial City Gran Cube Tokyo Otemachi 1 - chome, Chiyoda - ku (the destination is Roppongi Hills)
Boarding area 2: Roppongi Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo Roppongi 6 - chome 11-1 (Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube as the destination)

(Note:You are not able to off in between of both boarding areas 1 and 2)


Number of operations 4 trips / day (scheduled)
Operation The taxi driver gets into the driver's seat, and the technician's operator gets on the passenger's seat. All lane change, right / left turn, stop etc. are operated automatically by the system, but driver may intervene due to traffic conditions etc.
Boarding fee One way: 1,500 yen (including tax)
※ It is different from the actual meter charge.
How to Use

After applying, we will decide who can book by drawing lot . Bookable persons make reservations with smartphone. Ride at the departure place on the day of use, settlement after arrival and get off.




※ Because there is a limit on the number of operations, Please note that it is not always possible for every winner to get on the desired date and time of use.

※ In this demonstration experiment, the system automatically operates the lane change, right / left turn, stop, etc, but the system may intervene depending on traffic conditions etc.

Application period  July 18, 2018 (Wednesday) 11: 30 - July 31,2018 (Tuesday) 18: 00
Organizer HINOMARU Kotsu Co.,Ltd. ,ZMP Inc.
Cooperation Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Operating vehicle 

Minivan type 1 ( Autonomous Driving test vehicle fitted with sensor and PC)

Model: Toyota Estima Hybrid

Please verify all the following matters before applying for the demonstration experiment boarding application.

■ Application conditions
· Those who can complete input by application form
· Those who can settle net with credit card
· Person who has a smartphone of iPhone (iOS 11 or more) or Android (Ver. 7 or more) and can book from the target smartphone
· Person who has mobile phone · smartphone to get in touch
· Those who can cooperate and understand shooting (including in-car drive recorder) ,interview, questionnaire during demonstration experiment.

■ About drawing​ ​
· From among those who applied, the organizer will elect a candidate by lottery. Regarding results, we will substitute guide information for book registration.

■ About people who can ride
· The maximum number of people who can ride is 4.
· Applicants need to agree in advance about this agreement matter even for people riding in.

· In case of child riding, child seats etc are not available.
· Because there is no trunk space, those who have large luggage such as suitcase, wheelchair, stroller can not board.

■ Prohibited items
· Touch the inside and outside equipment and other items.
· Movie · Still image shooting.
· Smoking in the car · Eating and drinking.
· Driver and operator ride together for safety, but since it will be an experiment assuming unattended, please refrain from conversation other than emergency.
· In addition, do not obey the acts that hinder safe operation or follow instructions from our staff.

About operation of demonstration experiment
· Demonstration experiments may be canceled depending on natural disasters, weather and road conditions, system / vehicle condition etc. Please note. If the test ride of the reservation is canceled, we will promptly contact your registered e-mail address.
· Please contact us if you are using disabled discount amount.
· Please note that the participants will bear the transportation fee and data communication expenses to the boarding area even when the demonstration experiment is canceled.
· One person per booking will be charged.
· If you do not arrive at the reservation time at the time of booking, we will treat you as cancellation.
· Take the necessary measures for safe operation such as seat belts while riding, and in accordance with the instructions of the staff in case of emergency.
· Depending on the circumstances of the organizer, you may be required to change to another vehicle during operation. For vehicles you change, Autonomous Driving taxis may not be available.
· In the event of an accident, the driver will take the initial response such as relief and security measures, and for post-mortem compensation compensation will be the insurance coverage of the taxi company. In the case of the unlikely event of an accident, the driver performs the initial measures such as rescue and safety measures to secure, regarding the financial compensation of the post will be covered by the insurance of the taxi company.
· Weather conditions and road conditions may cause delays. Please allow time to spare.
· The personal information of the user acquired in this experiment will be shared among the organizers.

■ About handling personal information
For those who apply for Autonomous Driving Taxi demonstration experiment(hereinafter referred to as "this demonstration experiment")and their accompany (together, "Applicant" etc.),the personal information you provide at the time of application and questionnaire at the time of this trial submission will be dealt with as follows.

1. Purpose of using information
We will use the acquired personal information for the following purposes:
① To decide participants of this demonstration by the reservation
② To give guidance or to respond to inquiries, etc., regarding this demonstration
③ To create statistical data that will be processed into a format which cannot identify individuals in relation to this demonstration
④ In order to grasp the usage needs, user attributes etc. of the dispatch service using Autonomous Driving technology and to improve the quality of service
⑤ To use for the purposes relating to the above-mentioned purpose of use

2. Provision of information
To the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use, we may entrust the whole or part of the handling of personal information to third parties who conduct call center operations etc. for inquiries. In addition, we will not provide personal information of applicants etc, to third parties except in the following cases.
① If you have consent
② When it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of a person, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself / herself
③ When it is necessary to cooperate with the government agencies or local governments or persons entrusted with them to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, by obtaining the consent of the principal, performing the duties When there is a risk of interfering with
④ Other cases, as stipulated by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations

3. Shared use of information
We will jointly use personal information of applicants etc. as follows, within the scope of the purpose of joint use specified below.
① Items of shared personal data: Personal information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
② Scope of persons to use in common: Hinomaru Transportation Co., Ltd.
③ Purpose of joint use:
· Due to the draw for this demonstration participant
・ To get user’s needs of vehicle allocation service using Autonomous Driving technology, user attributes, etc., and to improve the quality of services
④ Person responsible for managing personal data: ZMP Corporation

4. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.
When there is a request from the applicant etc. for personal information disclosure, correction or suspension of use, etc., we will confirm that you are the principal and make efforts to respond appropriately and promptly.

5. Inquiries
If you have any questions or comments about the handling of personal information, please contact the following inquiries.


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