MC Healthcare, Inc.

-Introduced for the purpose of improving the efficiency and workload of warehouse work, and reducing the work time of transportation by half-

Company Introduction

MC Healthcare, Inc. was established in April 2010 as a hospital management partner to supports the front lines of medical care.
Our main business is closely related to the medical field, such as “regional cooperation procurement / hospital joint purchase”, “SPD business * 1”, “management support through statistics and analysis”, “support for hospital reconstruction and medical equipment”.
We listen to the demands of medical sites and continue to introduce new services and products to contribute to enriching Japanese medical care.

* 1 SPD business: Abbreviation of Supply Processing & Distribution. This refers to the management of items such as medical materials and logistics management.

Business issues

When considering the efficiency of work in the warehouse, automation of movement was a proposition and an issue that we wanted to improve.
In addition, because there are many heavy products and the travel distance is long, the part where the burden on the workers is large was a problem that we wanted to solve immediately.

Reason for introducing CarriRo®

"It can be introduced without significantly changing the current environment."
"Towing is possible up to 300kg"
Above all, we felt great attraction to these two points.
When considering the introduction of a large robot, it is necessary to be prepared for "the length of the examination period until the introduction" and "a large-scale warehouse layout change", but in the case of "CarriRo®" it is very easy to introduce.

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

It is used for transporting goods from the current arrival area to the receipt area and although it is still a part, the work that took about 3 hours can be completed in about 1.5 hours. The workers commented that "They are going to use it for things that can be transported in bulk, which is considerably faster."

CarriRo Future development

First, we believe that to reduce the movement of the stock-warehousing, we believe that we are considering the application to other business while looking at the effect of here.
We are also considering the operation of introducing an Autonomous Moving CarriRo® and following it with a Following model.
Although it is a partial introduction at present, there are great expectations in the future including a review of operations.

Layout of the premises


5 year lease
Carriro® FD:Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD:Monthly 52,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Trolley type):Monthly 73,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Pallet loading type):Monthly 82,000 JPY / 1 unit

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