OSP Advance

OSP Advance

Company Introduction

OSP Advance, a member of the OSP Group was established on November 16, 1994 as a company that finalizes seal and label products.

Representative Director: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Business description: Product inspection of printed matter, finishing and packaging.
Slogan: "Progress and Advance Everyday!"

【Basic principle】
As a member of the OSP Group, OSP Advance respects “righteousness” under OSP's management philosophy and grows as a person through business.In addition to pursuing the richness of both physical and mental aspects, we will process products that provide customer satisfaction and contribute to society.

Business issues

OSP Advance has been developed in Osaka, Fukuoka, Tochigi but all the three offices face labor storage issues.

Inorder to cope up the problem of decrease of the working population in the future, it is necessary to promote "Efficiency in human resources & retention rate" and "Efficiency in work, reduction in labor and automation.

I felt that I wanted to reduce the burden of work that requires more power and work that includes walking back and forth to each work area many times.

Carrying work is an important task, but as it did not create added value, we needed to make improvements immediately.

We were looking solution for two issues.They are 'Securing human resources , improving retention rate' and 'Work efficiency, labor saving, automation'

Reason for introducing CarriRo®


・A large AGV puts pressure on the work space and it is thought that work efficiency is reduced.
・The price is expensive and it is difficult to get the effect unless you buy a certain number.
・Unable to flexibly cope with route changes such as layout changes.

As selection was difficult, CarriRo was introduced at the exhibition and the introduction was decided from the height of its versatility.

Reason for selection
・It is excellent in cost performance.
・We cope with​ ​version upgraded Autonomous Moving model. (Announced at ZMP Forum 2018)
·​ ​Safety aspects are considered. (Area sensor, 4-stage speed adjustment, etc.)
・Various modes can be selected according to work application such as Drive mode, Karugamo mode, Autonomous movement.
·​ ​8 hours of continuous operation time

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

As it is under verification now, it is thevexpected results.

Expected results after full-scale introduction (per 2 work units)

Work name Current number of people  - Number of people after introduction  = Reduction number of people
Semi-product transport work 3 persons   1 person   2 people
Transportation to logistics 3 persons   1 person   2 people
Secondary material transportation work 3 persons   1 person   2 people

As mentioned above, we plan to reduce the number of people.

Of course, proper operation is required to exert the appropriate introduction effect.
Currently, we are selecting tow jigs, rules, etc. for full-scale operation in October.

CarriRo Future development

Currently, we are conducting various verification for full-scale operation.

After verification, we plan to expand the transportation of products.

In addition,the CarriRo (Autonomous moving model) using land markers announced at the ZMP Forum 2018 is further enhanced and we are considering to introduce it.

We will continue to work with the workers to see if there is any other tasks other than the currently planned that can be done.

Layout of the premises

From the Central starting point we are using in two courses, red course and blue course.


5 year lease
Carriro® FD:Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD:Monthly 52,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Trolley type):Monthly 73,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Pallet loading type):Monthly 82,000 JPY / 1 unit

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