Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. was founded in 1919 as "YAMATO UNYU CORPORATION". After starting Japan's first delivery business based on fixed truck routes in 1929, went on to launch our TA-Q-BIN business in 1976, marking the 100th anniversary of this year.
The current and medium-term management plan “KAIKAKU2019 for NEXT100” promotes business structure reform with “work style reform” at the center of management.
Going forward, through further reform of the delivery network, growth of the non-delivery business, and strengthening ESG (environment, society, and corporate governance) initiatives. We aim to be a company that will continue to provide new value to customers in Japan and overseas for the next 100 years.

Business issues

We use a unit loading system with roll box pallets to prevent accidents during cargo transportation and reduce lead time by improving the efficiency of sorting and loading operations.
At our sorting terminal, called the base, we use the roll box pallet to sort, move and load packages.
In addition to the burden of manually transporting roll box pallets loaded with luggage in a vast terminal, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to secure human resources at sorting terminals, and labor saving are also issues.

Reason for introducing CarriRo®

We compared several AGVs when considering labor saving by automatic conveyance of roll box pallets but decided to introduce CarriRo® because it is easy to set and change the transport route,where as easy for the operators to use it, and our roll box pallet can be transported as it is.

Our roll box pallet transport is not always a fixed section, there are various transport destinations. In CarriRo®, you can set up and select various transport destinations, and use them according to our operations.

In addition, since the route can be changed flexibly, we believe that we can respond to changes in our operations.
One of the merits is that the operation method was understood and operated in a short time by the workers after introduction.
We also evaluated that our roll box pallet can be transported without modification.

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

As a result of the introduction of CarriRo®, we have seen two major effects.
One is that we were able to reduce the wasteful operation. Until now, most of the work to transport the roll box pallet has been a one-way work, and the workers who have finished transporting have often moved back empty-handed, which was a wasteful operation. This was replaced with CarriRo®, and efficiency was improved.
Second, the work environment has been improved. In addition to the reduction in the work load for transporting roll box pallets, the transport route has become clearer than before, making it possible to maintain safer work leads.

CarriRo Future development

Verifications are made at the sites that have been introduced, and if the effects are recognized, deployment to other sites is also assumed.
At each site, we will proceed with the redevelopment of work leads and work procedures from the current stage in anticipation of the expanded introduction of automatic transport in the future.


5 year lease
Carriro® FD:Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD:Monthly 52,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Trolley type):Monthly 73,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Pallet loading type):Monthly 82,000 JPY / 1 unit

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