Logistics support robot CarriRo® AD Keypoints
 第2回 『中級編 可変ランドマーク』

【CarriRo】裏技10選 #2『中級編 可変ランドマーク』
"10 Keypoints of CarriRo® AD"
使用していても意外と知らない、CarriRo ADの便利な機能を10回に分けてご紹介しています。

今回は『中級編 可変ランドマーク』


CarriRo ADは『可変ランドマーク』を使用して環境や作業内容によって自由に動きを変えることができます。

* Please note that fees may be incurred depending on the location.

物流支援ロボットCarriRo AD 裏技10選 動画集

CarriRo® AD Keypoints

For the first time we introduce "Basic operation for beginners"

・ About installed sensors
・ Autonomous Driving mechanism
・ Type of landmark
・ Language setting

is explained.

About the logistics support robot CarriRo®​ ​

CarriRo® has three product models. They are FD (Following model), AD (Autonomous Moving mode model), AD+(Autonomous Moving mode model for heavy duty use). They can be used in various transport scenes depending on the environment of the transport site and the size and weight of the package to be transported.

Following function equipped model

Model with Autonomous Movement function

Pallet transport compatible model

Application form for free demo

For those who are viewing this page, we are offering free site demonstrations.
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Please note that fees may be charged depending on the location.