Introduction of RoboCar® MiniVan to Bridgestone Corporation

Autonomous Driving test development vehicle introduced to Bridgestone Corporation

We are introducing our Autonomous Driving platform vehicle RoboCar® MiniVan to the development project to Autonomous Driving of the tire noise test which is one of tire performance tests with Bridgestone Corporation.

Currently, we have achieved Autonomous manned driving in Bridgestone Proving Ground (test course). In 2019, we are aiming for the practical application of tire noise tests by level 4 unmanned Autonomous Driving. The automated vehicle is powered by IZAC®, the Autonomous Driving software used in ZMP’s platform vehicle for Autonomous Driving, named “RoboCar® MiniVan”. In addition, the vehicle also has cameras, sensors like LiDARs and map information of Bridgestone’s proving ground mounted on.

As an issue in tire performance tests using actual vehicles, more uniform conditions are required, such as driving route, speed and driver conditions. With the introduction of the vehicle, the test can be repeated under more constant conditions.

This technology can improve the accuracy and efficiency of performance evaluation by preventing Autonomous Driving techniques to prevent reduction in test variation and automating running tests that depends on people.

This development also makes it possible for automated driving in bank areas of the testing course where the front view is obstructed. This is enabled by 3D LiDAR’s which are set up at the bank area which can detect the vehicle. When it detects the vehicle, it sends the information to the automated driving vehicle. This technology for driving with prior safety control in the testing course is made possible using this communication between the vehicle and the 3D LiDAR.

This project has been in progress since January 2017 where ZMP received a request from Bridgestone for an outsourcing development of the automation of its tire noise tests.

As of now, Autonomous Driving of manned vehicles has been achieved and the project will carry out the formulation of the implementation operation and aim for the practical application of the tire noise tests of multiple unmanned vehicles with SAE-Level 4 automated driving which will coexist with manned vehicles in 2019.

With the insight and experience from this project, there are intentions to apply them in developing tires for next generation automobiles including self-driving cars and in the technology behind performance evaluation in the automobile industry.

Check the video to get to know more regarding this initiative.

Introduction video

Autonomous Driving platform Vehicle RoboCar® series lineup

Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® SUV
Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® MiniVan

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