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Free consultations on Autonomous Driving technology related products​ ​

-To be held every week from September 2019-

ZMP Inc. to hold a "Free consultation on Autonomous Driving Technology related products" at the main office, Koishikawa on September 6th (Friday) as an opportunity to consider introducing products like delivery robots, Autonomous Driving vehicles and logistics support robots into businesses and development.
Mobility Partner RobocarⓇ Walk
Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli
Autonomous Driving platform
RoboCarⓇ Mini EV Bus
In recent years, there is a growing need for practical use and mass production of Robot technology and Autonomous Driving technology for real service. ZMP has developed various products and services.This free consultation can be utilized as a place to know the various products related to Autonomous Driving that can be used for research and development.

The event is scheduled on every Friday from September 6th to October 4th. We will set up the products and services for each day for consultation.

The products that will be explained are the newly introduced Mobility partner RobocarⓇ Walk, Delivery robot CarriRoⓇ Deli and the program for partners for its commercialization and Autonomous Driving Vehicle platform RoboCarⓇ series and also, any other related products you would like to know about.

We are looking forward to the participation of businessmen who want to use Autonomous Driving technology for business, know what Autonomous Driving technology is about and to introduce Autonomous Driving technology into their business and development processes.

Products subject to consultation
September 6th (Friday): Autonomous Driving Platform RoboCar® series
September 13th (Friday): Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli & Mobility Partner Robocar® Walk
September 9th (Friday): Stereocamera RoboVision® series & sensor
September 27th (Friday): Driving data acquisition solution RoboTest®
October 4th (Friday): All the above mentioned products

【Application form for free consultation on Autonomous Driving technology】


Date: September 6th (Friday), September 13th (Friday), September 20th (Friday), September 27th ( Friday), October 4th (Friday)
Time: 3 to 4 pm, 4 to 5 pm, 5 to 6 pm
※ We would like you to reserve the slot in advance.
Location: 5-41-10 Koishikawa Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Realty Koishikawa Building

【Consultation on Autonomous Driving technology related products】

・Autonomous Driving Platform RoboCar® series
RoboCarⓇ Mini EV Bus, RoboCarⓇ SUV, RoboCarⓇ MiniVan, RoboCarⓇ MV2, RoboCarⓇ 1/10
・Stereo camera system RoboVision® 3, RoboVision® 2
・Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli
・Mobility Partner Robocar® Walk

Application for entry

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