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Every year, we exhibit at Automotive Engineering Exposition event.

At the booth, we are planning to introduce the latest information on ZMP products, future product development information, new product announcement, technology demonstration through product demonstration and so on.
In addition, we will set up a discussion space.

We will provide you with more detailed information on the spot about products and services that you are interested in.
You can reserve for meetings from the application below.

Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan website

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Date and Venue details

Date: May 22 (Wed), May 23 (Thu) from 10:00 to 18:00 and May 24 (Fri) from 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: Yokohama International Congress Center (Pacifico Yokohama) Exhibition Hall Booth No: 133
Admission: Free

Booth Details

Exhibition Information

Below are the list of products to be exhibited.

・ Technical application service utilizing the Autonomous Driving computer IZAC®
・ Autonomous Driving vehicle RoboCar® SUV
・ Driving data acquisition solution RoboTest®
・ Stereo camera RoboVision® series

We will introduce activities that utilize Autonomous Driving and autonomous mobile technology, focusing on
Autonomous driving technology
Customization support service
Proposing test support and customization support using autonomous driving technology
Delivery robot
Business model building support
Support for construction of next-generation service model using home delivery robot service
Stereo camera system
"RoboVision® series"
Stereo camera RoboVision series new function & new product introduction
Public road driving data acquisition support service "RoboTest®"
Introducing driving data measurement support service with case studies

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For any concerns regarding the exhibition please contact us.