Start selling 32ch wearable wireless brain wave sensor supporting maximum sampling rate 1000Hz

Maximum sampling rate 1000 Hz
32ch wearable wireless electroencephalogram sensor sales started
- Battery-powered · Measurable without any location with Wi-Fi installed.
Research and development of feeling evaluation and brain computer interface -

32ch wearable
Wireless electroencephalogram sensor

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter referred to as ZMP) has started selling "BR32S" brain wave sensor of 32 channels that can measure wireless at a sampling rate of 1000 Hz.

This product is a wireless electroencephalogram sensor (dry type) that measures the potential applied to the subject's head with 32 electrodes. Thirty-two dry-type electrodes that can be attached and detached to a removable head cap (washable) are mounted. Since it can be battery-driven and wirelessly communicate without using a conductive gel, it is possible to measure without choosing a place. As data transmission via Wi-Fi makes it possible to transmit more data, the maximum sampling rate has been improved from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz compared with the conventional products. Wave meter monitoring software and software development kit (SDK) are included, so it is easy to install and remove, so you can install it by yourself, you can start experimenting easily. Evaluation of feeling such as concentration condition, ride comfort and pleasure etc, it can be used for research and development not only in the automobile field but also in fields such as healthcare, neuromarketing, entertainment, BCI (brain computer interface) .

The price is 1,500,000 yen (excluding tax) ~, and we will start accepting orders from today.

Wearable brain wave sensor BR32S

【Main application】

Study on feeling evaluation method of car driver
Research on drowsiness detection and measurement
Concentration training
Neuro Marketing
Research on BCI (brain computer interface)
Research in the fields of healthcare and entertainment
Evaluation of user interface of health equipments, household appliances

【Major features】

Supports 1000 Hz sampling rate
Because it is a simple design that can be detached, even one person can be installed
Measurement can be made without using a conductive gel by adopting a dry type electrode
Built-in battery, Wi-Fi installed and can be measured anywhere

【Main Specifications】

Number of channels (number of electrodes) 32ch Communication Wifi
Electrode type Form / spring type electrode Maximum uptime About 5 hours
Sample rate ~ 1000 Hz External input RS 232
Resolution 24bit Data form txt / edf / csv
Bandwidth 0.23 Hz to 150 Hz Supported OS Windows XP or later

8ch wearable
Wireless electroencephalogram sensor

※ This product is not medical equipment.
※ This product is a product developed by Taiwan Brain Rhythm Inc.


32ch wearable wireless brain wave sensor BR32S
1.5 million yen (excluding tax)

【Related product】

8ch wearable wireless brain wave sensor BR8
500,000 yen (excluding tax)

※ There is a possibility that the price fluctuates depending on the situation of the exchange.

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